Garo Toomajanian

Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in financial services and technology, Garo has deep expertise working with software companies and has helped guide dozens of companies through the IPO process. He provides strategic communications expertise to vertical-specific software, HCM, and other public application software companies ranging in market cap from less than $200 million to over $4 billion.

Leveraging his experiences as a corporate communications consultant, Starmine ranked sell-side analyst, and software industry veteran, Garo’s varied perspectives bring a unique dimension to his counsel. He has guided companies on corporate strategy messaging through IPOs, secondary offerings, and M&As ranging from technology tuck-ins to transformational game-changers. He’s helped companies manage crisis communications and executive transitions, in addition to preparing management teams for deal and non-deal road shows, and quarterly earnings.

Prior to joining ICR in 2006, Garo spent six years as a senior sell-side analyst at RBC Capital Markets covering software. He also had 10 years of experience in the software industry prior to his Wall Street career.