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Black Hat and Defcon Takeaways: 3 PR Tips to Capitalize on Trends

By Katie Creaser

In early August, thousands of hackers, infosec pros and solutions providers descended on Las Vegas for Black Hat and Defcon, two of the industry’s largest and most important conferences. The weeks leading up to the events are stressful for security marketers who want press attention on the show floor. With more than 280 exhibitors, major announcements from big companies and breaking hacks and research – it’s a difficult PR effort for most vendors. However, the...


2019 Proxy Season Recap & 2020 Trends to Watch

By Lyndon Park

Get a comprehensive review of 2019 proxy season trends, as well as a forecast of governance and sustainability trends that could impact the 2020 proxy season for your company. ICR Governance Solutions' white paper, "2019 Proxy Season Recap & 2020 Trends to Watch," is a critical tool for boards and management teams as they move into the fall-winter off season and prepare to engage with shareholders and deliberate on executive compensation and other governance matters. Download...


What’s the Secret to Being a Top Professional Service Brand?

By Elyse Blazey Gentile and Phil Denning

How do the top law firms, accounting firms, management consulting firms and executive search firms differentiate themselves from the masses? Do they do so by providing high-quality work, or by becoming subject matter experts? Is the key criteria solving client problems, or establishing strong relationships? The answer is yes – to all of the above. Leaders find what they do that is special and unique that breaks them out of the crowd to stand alone...


ICR Publishes Q2 2019 SPAC Update

Q2 SPAC Issuance Outpaces Q1 as Institutional Investor Appetite Continues to Grow NEW YORK – August 6, 2019 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, today released its Q2 2019 SPAC update. Nearly 80 public SPACs globally hold more than $20 billion in cash and have not yet completed acquisitions. In the second quarter of 2019 alone, 16 SPACs raised approximately $4 billion, exceeding Q1 issuance of more than $3 billion. “Investors are...


The Changing World of Investor Outreach: An Evolving Landscape

By Evelyn Infurna & Nikki Sacks

Investor outreach methodologies and strategies are changing at a rapid clip.  Regulatory changes owing to MIFID-II are restructuring traditional interactions between issuers and investors, and the frequency of passive and quantitative investing strategies is shifting investor influence to a growing class of shareholders that have a very different approach, as well as limited capacity to meet with management teams to hear their stories. The rise of “impact” or ESG investing has added an additional layer...