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3 Tips for Optimizing Time Dedicated to Meeting With Investors

By Jack Powell

Meeting with investors is critical to your success as a public company. However, your management team’s time is limited, and it can be challenging to balance investor interactions with your many other business priorities. The key to success is maximizing the value of each investor relations activity. Learn how to make the most of the time you spend with investors by reading the blog post, “3 Tips for Optimizing Time Dedicated to Meeting With Investors.”


5 Tips for Building a Successful Influencer Campaign

By Ashley McGowan

Influencer campaigns can be powerful, but it’s challenging to break through the clutter. The ever-changing market keeps brands on their toes, forcing them to evolve their strategies frequently. Most consumer-facing brands have tried to adopt this method of marketing, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Take Nordstrom for example — the Seattle-based department store has completely turned influencer marketing on its head. It not only uses micro- and macro-influencers to promote annual sales and promotions, but...


4 Pieces of Advice for Successful Earnings Calls

By Tom McDonald

Earnings calls aren’t just about numbers; they give your company an opportunity to connect with investors, make a favorable impression, add context to your financials, and communicate your story. They are critical to your company’s reputation and success, so you must learn to make the most of them. The best quarterly calls incorporate thorough and careful preparation. Learn more about how to make your earnings call as effective as possible by reading the blog post,...


4 Critical Elements of a Successful IPO

By Brendon Frey

Taking a company public through an initial public offering (IPO) is a complex process that requires broad market expertise, good timing, diligence, and considerable expense and effort. Even promising, venture-backed companies can produce IPO failures. How can you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful IPO? While there are no guarantees, you can enhance your company’s chances of success by having these four critical elements in place.   An Experienced Team An experienced, proven team...


Beyond Bullet Points: 4 Design Tips to Make a Memorable Investor Presentation

By Tim Kane

Investors may see hundreds of presentations every year. Does your company’s deck stand out? The key to making a memorable investor presentation isn’t what you might think; you won’t leave a lasting impression with a highly designed template and bullet points on every slide. The best tips for designing an effective investor deck may actually seem counterintuitive. To learn how to make sure your message gets remembered, read the blog post, “Beyond Bullet Points: 4...