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How to Build Your Crisis Communications Team

By Michael Fox

According to a survey by PRNEWS and CS&A International, only 62 percent of companies have crisis communications plans in place and few consistently take the time to regularly practice crisis scenarios. In an era when bad news can travel the globe in an instant, proactively developing a detailed crisis communications plan, assembling a crisis communications team, and practicing market or industry-specific crisis scenarios is critical to a company’s long-term success. What follows are some basics...


ICR Announces Completion of Significant Investment from CDPQ


Global investment group CDPQ joins existing investor, Investcorp, to support ICR’s continued growth and expansion ICR adds more than 175 new team members in 2021; approaches $200M in revenue New York, NY – November 30, 2021 – ICR, a global leader in strategic communications and advisory services, today announced that it has completed a significant investment from Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), a global investment group, to support ICR’s continued growth and...


Overcoming the Net Zero Carbon Communications Gap

By Alex Wittner

The blog post first appeared on O'Dwyer's. In the wake of the IPCC report and the 26th UN Climate Change conference (COP26), it's become indisputable that humans are influencing the warming of the earth and that immediate, collective action must be taken to limit widespread devastation. Thankfully, there's growing momentum to save our planet. Working together to slow climate change is top of mind for forward-thinking technology companies, but progress is slow. Calls to action...


The Current and Future State of Biotech Financing

By ICR Westwicke

This first appeared on the ICR Westwicke blog. In the face of a global pandemic, capital markets have (understandably) seen unprecedented behavior over the past two years. With vaccines, rapid testing, and medical research at center stage of every news outlet and publication, the biotech sector has been especially active. There have been major shifts in both buy- and sell-side activities, leaving many companies wondering how to best raise capital as the world finds its...


What the COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Us About the Power of Words

By Michael O'Brien

The blog post first appeared on O'Dwyer's. As public health officials discuss whether to call subsequent COVID-19 vaccinations “boosters,” fearing it gives the impression that previous inoculations weren’t effective—some preferred “third dose” or “final dose”—chalk it up to yet another debate about words and nomenclature related to the worst global pandemic in a century. COVID taught us many things about public health, patient behavior, health equity and more. But it also taught health communicators about...