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Sexual Assault, Universal Proxy Cards and Rock & Roll – Shareholder Activism at Warner Music Group

By Dan McDermott

“The VP of the A&R department asked me to sit on his lap in the middle of an executive meeting. I refused and notified the President of Atlantic Records. I was fired the next day.” – Dorothy Carvello. The #MeToo movement, shareholder activism, and the powerful empire of music are about to collide. Last week, […]


ICR Hosts Telsey Advisory Group’s Dana Telsey on the Welcome to the Arena Podcast


NEW YORK – November 28th, 2022 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Dana Telsey, CEO and Chief Research Officer of Telsey Advisory Group, a leading woman-owned research, trading, banking, and consulting brokerage firm focused on the consumer sector, recently appeared on Episode 51 of ICR’s “Welcome to the […]


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Look at Tech Crisis Communications in 2022

By Dan Brennan

The nature of crisis communications can feel a little cyclical — especially in the technology sector. There are certain situations we have come to expect year after year: a massive data breach, a significant privacy violation, an executive resignation due to allegations of illegal activity or inappropriate behavior. To an extent, these headlines no longer […]


ICR D.C. Insider: November 2022


In the November 2022 edition of The ICR D.C. Insider, we share our insights and analysis about developments in Washington that could have an immediate and long-term impact on your business. What’s Next In Washington The current “lame duck” session of Congress has to act on the following items: Budget to Expire by 12/16 – […]


Unsolicited Bids: How to Communicate With Stakeholders

By Dan McDermott

One of the primary responsibilities of public company board members is to make decisions designed to maximize shareholder value. In their fiduciary obligation to investors, boards are required to review, consider, and take appropriate action on matters that impact shareholder value. Knowing that, you might assume that boards would receive an unsolicited bid as a […]