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It’s been said that knowledge has value only when it’s shared. So we’re happy to give you access to some of our best thinking, grounded in our observations, analysis and understanding of the issues that we’re all facing. We hope you find them of value to you and your organization.


How to Prepare for Virtual Broadcast Interviews

By Jason Chudoba

Remote broadcast interviews provide broad reach to wide audiences, making them an effective way for companies to build awareness. They can also help position companies as thought and market leaders, helping to build authority and strengthen their brand image. However, preparing for an interview in a virtual setting (e.g. Zoom or Skype) requires careful planning — beyond standard interview preparation — to ensure an optimal environment.   Location It’s important to choose an environment that you...


Effecting Change: Creating Impact Beyond the Headline

By Adam Belmont

With the pandemic freshly on everyone’s minds since early last year and, unfortunately, for a considerable length of time to come, brands are increasingly looking for ways to make a difference, whether locally, nationally, or globally. And that’s truly heartwarming and inspirational to see. Creating tangible impact that improves anyone’s present condition is meaningful and rewarding on so many levels to so many people. The only rub (there’s always one it seems, right?) lies in...


Q&A with ICR | Westwicke Managing Director, Michael O’Brien


Earlier this month, Michael O’Brien joined Westwicke | ICR as a Managing Director of the Healthcare Public Relations Practice. Mr. O’Brien has over 30 years of experience in healthcare communications, with roles at corporations ranging from leading healthcare PR agencies to biopharma companies and health systems. He recently sat down with Westfair Business Journals to discuss his new role and past experiences. Check out the interview here.


Crisis Communications: Preparing Your Spokespeople for a Crisis


From internal challenges like a product defect necessitating a recall to external events like natural disasters, every organization is vulnerable to crises. While it’s easy to believe that it won’t happen to your company, the question is not if a crisis will happen, but when. A poorly-handled PR crisis can have long-lasting implications that may include strained customer relationships, legal or regulatory action, declining stock prices, and damaged brand reputation.  While it’s nearly impossible to...


ICR Launches Inaugural “Welcome to the Arena” Podcast


Podcast to Highlight Thought Leaders at the Intersection of Business, Finance and Communications  NEW YORK, August 13, 2021 – ICR, a global leader in strategic communications and advisory, today announced the launch of its new podcast, “Welcome to the Arena”, featuring interviews with CEOs, CFOs, financial analysts, members of the media, investment bankers, private equity executives and those who influence and create value for public and private-equity backed companies.  Hosted by Tom Ryan, Co-Founder &...