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2024: A Golden Opportunity for Alternative CRE Lenders to Communicate Their Value

By Greg Michaels

As we shake off last year’s capital markets hangover and look ahead to what the rest of 2024 has in store for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, the largest U.S. banks as well as many regional banks remain retrenched, which is severely constraining liquidity. Amidst the continuing uncertain environment, which over the past year-plus […]


D.C. Insider: February 2024


In the February 2024 edition of The ICR D.C. Insider, we share our insights and analysis about developments in Washington that could have an immediate and long-term impact on your business. What’s Next In Washington The House, Senate, and the White House continue their public and private engagement across a series of hot-button issues, including: […]


Consumer Trends for 2024 Compliments of the 26th ICR Conference

By Joseph Teklits

Our 26th Annual ICR Conference enjoyed a record turnout of 2,700+ professionals:  200+ companies representing the entire consumer landscape, 500 bankers – senior teams from bulge bracket firms down to the best boutiques in the industry, 400 investors including from all of the largest funds, 250 sell-side analysts, 450 private equity professionals, and 30 from […]


Asia’s Economic Outlook for 2024

By Edmond Lococo and Lena Tsao

Even as Asia-Pacific faces regional headwinds, the area is expected to be the fastest-growing region of the world economy in 2024, if at a slower pace than expansion seen in 2023. The outlook is for continued resilient expansion in the APAC region, with robust domestic demand in many Asian emerging economies, including mainland China, India, […]


Capital on the Move – Best-in-Class Exit Communications for Private Equity in 2024

By Chris Gillick

Read any financial media outlet that covers private equity and the tone reeks of nothing but struggles after a glorious post-GFC run. Buyers complain of higher interest rates while sellers insist on 2021-level valuations. But that doesn’t mean deals are not getting done. Every weekday, several industry newsletters publish deal announcements from the last 24 […]