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It’s been said that knowledge has value only when it’s shared. So we’re happy to give you access to some of our best thinking, grounded in our observations, analysis and understanding of the issues that we’re all facing. We hope you find them of value to you and your organization.


Corporate Positioning: How to Define Your Company & Articulate Your Value


Every business starts with an idea — a product or service that fulfills an unmet need in the market. But at some point, the company behind that idea becomes just as important. The company itself becomes a product that you must market to key stakeholders. That is the basis of corporate positioning: Developing a clear and concise articulation of your business, including who you are, what you do, and how you deliver value — all...


Expert Perspective: The Rise of SPAC Transactions


This year, there have been a record number of special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deals — more than in the past five years combined. In this TD Ameritrade interview, ICR President Don Duffy discusses the rise of SPAC transactions, what makes them appealing to investors, and the overall risks and benefits of this type of deal. Click here to watch the interview.


Direct Listings: A Communicator’s Guide

By Matt Lindberg

After a long period of market uncertainty driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the second half of 2020 saw market conditions improve for IPOs with a recent flurry of tech companies making their debut. With increased demand to access the public markets, a strong pipeline of companies set to come to market is shaping up quickly for all of 2021. Also hot are new options for companies to enter the public markets. After 2019 saw a...


ICR, the Leading SPAC Advisor, Publishes Q3 2020 SPAC Market Update

SPAC IPO Issuance Exceeds Traditional IPOs for the First Time  NEW YORK – October 13, 2020 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, today released its Q3 2020 SPAC Market Update. SPAC IPO issuance exploded in the third quarter of 2020, with 80 SPACs raising $32 billion, four times the $8 billion raised in Q2 2020. This strong Q3 SPAC IPO activity even eclipsed traditional IPO issuance, resulting in 183 active public SPACs...


Does Your Social Media Strategy Need an Overhaul?

By Amaris Modesto, Holly Fuller

Given the unexpected twists and turns of 2020, your company’s social media strategy may need a slight facelift or complete overhaul to stay relevant to your audience. With that in mind, ICR’s social media team recently attended Sprout Social’s virtual summit that focused on strategies for building a 2021 brand roadmap. Speakers included executives from companies like Peloton, Univision, NAACP, Squarespace, HangarFour, and many more. Here are some of the tips and predictions they shared:...