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Why B2B Companies Should Consider a B2C Tech PR Approach

By Alexis Blais

To communicate a company’s story effectively to the right audiences, most industry professionals would say aligning sales, marketing and PR should be a top priority. It’s widely understood that a consistent marketing message is key to success. B2B tech marketing is no exception to this best practice. But when consistency meets complacency, PR has a problem. B2B tech marketing, with its emphasis on lead gen from a niche market, has for years let lackluster creative...


What Is Newsworthy? 5 Tips to Guide Your News Announcements

By Kate Ottavio Kent

Arguably, the least enjoyable part of a PR professional’s job is telling a client no: “No, we shouldn’t do a press release on that.” “No, we shouldn’t put that spokesperson on live TV.” Worst of all: “No, this is not newsworthy.” Telling a client that something they did is not newsworthy is akin to personally insulting one of their family members. Companies work hard to achieve results that move their businesses forward, and they understandably...


Healthcare Communications: The Impact of the Pandemic

By Kate Coyle

After nearly 20 years of working in healthcare communications, the excitement never gets old for me. What’s not to love about an industry that’s critical to life itself, rife with issues and controversy, and delivers a solid dose of the unexpected on a daily basis? In my mind, a highlight is the problem solving our job requires every day. Whether pursuing an opportunity, managing an issue or leveraging an insight, it’s our responsibility to chart...


Corporate Positioning: How to Define Your Company & Articulate Your Value


Every business starts with an idea — a product or service that fulfills an unmet need in the market. But at some point, the company behind that idea becomes just as important. The company itself becomes a product that you must market to key stakeholders. That is the basis of corporate positioning: Developing a clear and concise articulation of your business, including who you are, what you do, and how you deliver value — all...


Expert Perspective: The Rise of SPAC Transactions


This year, there have been a record number of special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deals — more than in the past five years combined. In this TD Ameritrade interview, ICR President Don Duffy discusses the rise of SPAC transactions, what makes them appealing to investors, and the overall risks and benefits of this type of deal. Click here to watch the interview.