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The Key Reason Why Your PR Program May Be Underperforming

By Nicole Hakimi

A surprising survey from U.K.-based public relations reporting firm Releasd found that 20 percent of executives outside of the communications function do not know that PR stands for public relations, and 40 percent do not think that communications delivers good value to their business. While executives with a good understanding of PR were more likely (80 percent) to believe that it delivers a good value, the survey findings remind us that companies large and small...


Activism and ESG in the Wake of Current Events


In the wake of current events, including the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, activism and ESG have become areas of focus for both companies and investors. To explore these issues and their effects on companies in the near future, CorpGov and Vinson & Elkins LLP recently hosted the second webinar in their 2020 Governance Series: Activism and ESG. The webinar consisted of two panel discussions: The first explored the 2020 proxy season,...


Are SPACs Driving the Democratization of IPOs?


Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are transforming the IPO market. Institutional investors appreciate the transparency, access, and investment options of SPAC transactions over traditional IPOs. As a result, SPAC IPO issuance has accelerated, resulting in 121 public SPACs holding more than $34 billion in cash as of June 30, 2020 — and the third quarter of 2020 is seeing more of the same. In our Q2 2020 SPAC market update, “Are SPACs Driving the Democratization...


The Best Defense Is Preparation: A Guide to Crisis Communications Planning


A crisis can break in an instant. But too often, company leaders take on an “it won’t happen to us” attitude, and as a result, they never take the necessary steps to prepare in advance for an inevitable negative event. In this eBook, we walk through every aspect of creating a crisis communications plan, so you can respond quickly and effectively the moment a crisis hits. The eBook explores: How to conduct a vulnerability assessment...


4 Key Questions to Consider When Preparing for Q2 Earnings Season

By Mike Piccinino

The continued uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to present unique challenges for public company management teams as they report Q2 earnings and attempt to provide the investment community with an appropriate update on the business. With this as a backdrop, we wanted to share some of the most likely questions and focus areas that management teams should expect from sell-side analysts and investors this quarter. As the investment community seeks to understand...