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Essential Tips for Great Media Interviews


For a company to succeed, its story must be properly told and understood by all audiences — and media interviews are a primary way you can convey that message. However, for many executives, media interviews can be tricky. An interview can quickly fall flat if you respond to a question with “No comment.” Every question you are asked provides an opportunity for you to redirect or bridge to a key message — as long as...


Get Quoted: 5 Tips for Securing Ongoing Media Coverage

By ICR PR Team

Engaging with the media plays an important role in any company’s success. With the right preparation, you can take advantage of media interviews to tell your corporate story, boost your reputation, and establish your executive team as thought leaders in your industry. However, the best quotes aren’t usually made off the cuff — to convey your company’s messages and increase your chances of securing future media coverage, you need to prepare articulate, well thought-out quotes....


Reopening the Workplace: 8 Issues to Consider


As state and local governments across the country phase out restrictions and allow companies to reopen, business leaders must be prepared to meet varying regulatory compliance and employee safety rules and protocols. To help them navigate this ever-evolving guidance, CorpGov recently moderated the first panel in the Reopening the Workplace series. The panel, hosted in partnership with ICR, CTEH, and Nasdaq, featured leading experts from various sectors and industries, who discussed eight issues that companies will need to take into consideration...


Guiding Principles for Responding to a Crisis


Every company is vulnerable to a range of different crisis scenarios — from natural disasters to financial issues to data breaches. In general, most crises share some basic characteristics: They are unplanned, negative events that pose a serious threat to your organization’s operations, performance, and/or reputation. By adhering to a few core guiding crisis management principles, you can prepare your company to respond to any situation in an appropriate, measured way. Use the list of...


Investor Education Before an IPO: A Step-by-Step Guide


If your company is on the path to going public, investor education meetings should be a critical part of your investor relations strategy. These meetings should happen during the marketing and awareness-building phase of the potential future IPO, which should ideally begin around two years prior to the time a company plans to go public, but before the execution phase of an IPO. Ultimately, investor education meetings give institutions time to get to know your...