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It’s been said that knowledge has value only when it’s shared. So we’re happy to give you access to some of our best thinking, grounded in our observations, analysis and understanding of the issues that we’re all facing. We hope you find them of value to you and your organization.


Investor Relations Primer: The Basics of an Effective Plan

By Brad Cohen & John Mills

Whether your company is publicly traded or you are considering entering the public markets, it’s critical to develop a strategic, comprehensive investor relations (IR) plan. An effective IR strategy can help you build credibility, enhance enterprise value, and ultimately achieve your business goals. To meet those objectives, however, your plan must include a wide range of elements — from an investor deck to an IR website to onsite events — that work together to communicate your...


ICR Launches ESG Due Diligence Services to Help Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms Assess ESG Risk for Portfolio Company Investments

NEW YORK – February 10, 2020 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, today announced the launch of ICR ESG Diagnostics, a comprehensive Environmental, Social & Governance analysis to help private equity and venture capital firms identify and assess corporate ESG issues during the investment due diligence process. “As limited partners focus on responsible, long-term investments, they are increasingly focused on ESG issues,” said Don Duffy, President of ICR. “With comprehensive ESG due...


The ICR Conference 2020: Highlights, Insights & Words of Advice for the Coming Year in Consumer

By ICR Consumer Team

ICR hosted its 22nd annual investor conference on January 13-15 in Orlando. Along with presentations, panels, and a lot of networking and relationship building, 175 public and private companies had the chance to meet with a variety of institutional and private equity investors in settings ranging from large group presentations to sell-side hosted lunches, private mutual fund meeting rooms and evening receptions. Each year, the ICR investor conference serves as a window into the current...


Coronavirus Communications: How Businesses Should Respond

By Phil Denning

The development of the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak is dominating business media coverage and has begun to impact business operations for corporations across a variety of industries. Inquiries from investors or media may increase as they seek to understand the degree of impact to your business, while employers with operations in affected areas will likely be inundated with requests for information and assistance from employees, partners and suppliers. How your business handles coronavirus communications...


2020 Proxy Season Preview

By Lyndon Park

What can boards and management teams expect during the 2020 proxy season? In our white paper, “2020 Proxy Season Preview,” we explore how the core trends of the 2019 season will evolve and impact the coming year. In particular, numerous factors indicate this could be a landmark year in the evolution of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) as a central and lasting driver of shareholder engagement and asset allocation decision-making. Learn more by downloading the...