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ICR Announces Addition of Steve Parish and Lee Stettner as Managing Directors and Co-Heads of Capital Markets

New Senior Team Members Bring More than 60 Years of Combined Experience and Advisory Roles on Hundreds of Transactions   NEW YORK – December 4, 2019 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, announced today that Steve Parish and Lee Stettner will be joining the firm as Managing Directors focused on capital markets advisory. The new senior team members, who bring more than 60 years of combined experience as advisors on hundreds of...


5 Steps to Develop Your Company’s Crisis Communications Plan

By Mark Corbae

While no company can predict when a crisis may arise, you can prepare for the unexpected with a comprehensive crisis communications plan. By establishing a response plan now — including whom to contact, when to contact them, what information to share, and how to share it — you can handle any future problems swiftly and protect your company’s reputation. Learn how to prepare your company to respond to a potential disaster scenario by reading the...


Control the Narrative: 4 Ways to Integrate Investor Relations and Public Relations

By Michael Fox

All organizations, including publicly traded companies, hear about the importance of “controlling the narrative” in their communications. You should be able to tell your story your way — before anyone else gets to define it for you. However, that is much easier said than done. The public company ecosystem consists of a dynamic group of vocal participants, including sell-side analysts, hedge funds, activist investors, short sellers, index funds, regulators and the financial media, and many...


3 Tips for Optimizing Time Dedicated to Meeting With Investors

By Jack Powell

Meeting with investors is critical to your success as a public company. However, your management team’s time is limited, and it can be challenging to balance investor interactions with your many other business priorities. The key to success is maximizing the value of each investor relations activity. Learn how to make the most of the time you spend with investors by reading the blog post, “3 Tips for Optimizing Time Dedicated to Meeting With Investors.”


5 Tips for Building a Successful Influencer Campaign

By Ashley McGowan

Influencer campaigns can be powerful, but it’s challenging to break through the clutter. The ever-changing market keeps brands on their toes, forcing them to evolve their strategies frequently. Most consumer-facing brands have tried to adopt this method of marketing, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Take Nordstrom for example — the Seattle-based department store has completely turned influencer marketing on its head. It not only uses micro- and macro-influencers to promote annual sales and promotions, but...