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Seven Things To Know Before Executing a Convertible Debt Offering

By Syed Raj Imteaz, Matt Anthony, and Anna Shearer

As any banker involved with convertible debt offerings will readily tell you, after a number of lackluster years, the convertible debt market is now going through a renaissance. They would be right — last year, issuance in the U.S. was $114 billion, up more than 150% compared to the prior 5 years’ average of $44 billion. This year, the convertible market continues to be humming with another potential $100 billion in deals. The increase in...


ICR Capital – Q3 2021 Equity Issuance Recap

By ICR Capital Team

Over the course of the quarter, ICR Capital advised on numerous IPOs, Follow-ons, and Convertibles raising gross proceeds in excess of $5 billion. IPOs Last week closed the books on Q3 which saw 82 IPOs raise $29.8bn and capped off a record 5 consecutive quarters of >$25bn in IPO supply The only period that comes close to this volume was Q4 1999 to Q2 2000 which saw 3 quarters of >$25bn IPO supply For reference,...


Funding and Growth in Healthcare: Interview with ICR’s Don Duffy


This year, about 30% of SPACs and IPOs have been in the healthcare space, with telehealth, biopharma, and med devices in the spotlight. In fact, in Q3 2021 alone, healthcare IPOs raised almost $5 billion in capital.  ICR President Don Duffy addresses questions about healthcare funding and growth as part of the recent Benzinga Small Cap Conference. Get insights on available funding and anticipated growth in the healthcare space, including how telehealth and healthcare IT...


Improve Your Investor Relations Strategy: 5 Tips to Transform Your IR Deck

By Michael Fox

Your corporate presentation is a critical piece of your investor relations strategy — but effectively distilling your corporate story into just a few slides can be a bigger challenge than it seems. There are common mistakes that can betray your company’s intended message.  These five changes can help you transform your IR deck into a powerful tool that builds trust and garners investor interest.   1. Condense Your Story to One Slide  Every effective investor...


How to Prepare for Virtual Broadcast Interviews

By Jason Chudoba

Remote broadcast interviews provide broad reach to wide audiences, making them an effective way for companies to build awareness. They can also help position companies as thought and market leaders, helping to build authority and strengthen their brand image. However, preparing for an interview in a virtual setting (e.g. Zoom or Skype) requires careful planning — beyond standard interview preparation — to ensure an optimal environment.   Location It’s important to choose an environment that you...