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Cannabis Fundraising: Are SPACs a New Solution?


Over the past year, fundraising by special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) has skyrocketed. In fact, more than $2.5 billion has been raised by SPACs. With that in mind, are SPAC transactions the way forward for cannabis companies, compared to traditional IPOs? In a recent webinar hosted by ICR and IPO Edge, two panels of experts discussed SPAC fundraising and other considerations for dealmaking in the cannabis industry. SPACs vs. Traditional IPOs in the Cannabis Industry...


How to Spot ‘Strike Now’ Public Relations Opportunities

By Thomas Raynor

A well-executed “stunt” has long been a favorite tactic in the public relations space when it comes to grabbing the attention of both consumers and media. However, the key to is to elevate the activation by tying it to something tangible with in-the-moment relevancy that resonates on a deep level with target audiences. We like to call these “strike now” opportunities, and they can present themselves in a variety of ways. Learning how to identify...


Thought Leadership: The Way Forward for Professional Services

By Doug Donsky

From global law and management consulting to accounting and executive search, 2020 has been a tough — if not terrible — year for professional services. Not only have salaries, employees and budgets been cut for many, but most professional workers have been forced out of their offices and into their homes and are now gamely trying to balance the demands of clients and new business efforts with those of family. Everyone’s just trying to hang...


The Virtual IPO: How IPOs Are Changing


According to some experts, the past several months have created more change in the IPO market than the last 25 to 30 years. In the recent webinar hosted by ICR Capital and Davis Polk, those experts discussed what they’ve seen in the IPO market recently, changes to standard IPO processes, and what’s to come for IPOs during the remainder of the year. The State of the IPO Market After the initial onset of the pandemic,...


Communications for an Executive Leadership Change


While employee turnover is expected in any company, CEO and other senior executive transitions present unique communication challenges that require careful planning and execution. Without a well-planned communication strategy, you risk generating uncertainty, misinformation and a loss of confidence. Alternatively, with effective communication, you can positively shape public perception and facilitate a smooth transition. In this eBook, we will explore the components of an effective communications strategy for an executive leadership change. The eBook discusses:...