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It’s been said that knowledge has value only when it’s shared. So we’re happy to give you access to some of our best thinking, grounded in our observations, analysis and understanding of the issues that we’re all facing. We hope you find them of value to you and your organization.


Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Policies in the Workplace


As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more readily available, your company will have critical decisions to make regarding your employees and the vaccine. What do you need to consider and how do you make decisions around vaccine policies, mandates, objections, communication, and more? This guide will walk you through the most important issues to think about as you develop policies around vaccination and bringing your workforce back to the office. It covers questions including: Will you...


ICR Conference 2021 Highlights: Restaurant Recovery Overview


The 2021 ICR Conference featured numerous public and private companies across the restaurant and food distribution landscape discussing the current environment, recovery efforts, and the (eventual) post-pandemic landscape. While restaurant sales trends weakened in late 2020 due to further capacity restrictions, investors are clearly looking past these near-term challenges (as reflected by current valuations, with many companies at or near their pre-pandemic 52-week highs) in hopes of being rewarded with more efficient business models following this disruption. In fact,...


M&A Communications – 5 Keys to Success


Strategic communications can make a difference in the success or failure of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. The right communications program can inspire confidence, reduce uncertainty, and generate stakeholder buy-in. Our eBook covers the role of strategic communications in M&A transactions, as well as the keys to success when planning and executing that strategy. We’ll discuss: Maintaining consistent communications Aligning messaging with your overall business strategy Including your stakeholders Preparing for tough questions And more...


A View From Washington: Top Biden Administration Priorities and Their Implications for Business

By Michael R. Robinson, ICR Consultant

As the Biden Administration begins to implement its agenda, and with the 117th Congress now fully controlled by Democrats, the pace of activity in Washington is poised to accelerate. Below, we have detailed a cross section of the Biden Administration’s domestic priorities, provided analysis of them, and offered a strategic overview of how companies can position themselves to simultaneously benefit from this activity and, importantly, prepare in the event they become the focus of unwanted...


ICR Conference 2021 Highlights: Current Trends and Expectations in Consumer, Retail, and Digital Commerce Sectors


Like many traditionally in-person events, the 2021 ICR Conference looked a bit different this year — virtual instead of face-to-face. But it turns out, this year’s unique virtual platform provided more opportunities than ever, with more than 300 presenting companies (the most in conference history), a record-breaking 3,500 attendees, and more than 2,000 meetings within the conference platform. Despite the change of scenery, a myriad of both public and private companies attended and spoke about...