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Preparing for Your First Earnings Call? 5 Key Points to Remember

By Eduardo Royes

For companies that are getting ready for their debut earnings season, the first earnings call is a major milestone. By preparing diligently, you can reassure Wall Street that your team is ready to perform as a public company. What do you need to know to make a strong impression and instill confidence within the investment community? Use the checklist below to prepare effectively and make your first earnings call a success. Click on the checklist...


Rock the SPAC Vote: How to Encourage Retail Investor Participation

By Matt Lindberg

The dramatic increase in special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) activity over the past year has forced companies to adapt to a wide range of new situations and circumstances. Some of those changes have been driven by the growing participation of retail investors. One of the most critical roles those investors play — or more importantly, sometimes don’t play — is the final step of the SPAC process: the merger approval vote. The shareholder vote is...


ESG in Focus: Issues for Investors and Companies

By Lyndon Park

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic transformation to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) momentum. Previously, ESG was a niche area with smaller activism-driven investors pushing companies to adopt ethical practices. They filed shareholder proposals, led divestment campaigns, and employed exclusionary and inclusionary tactics to their portfolio construction. While some investors continue to focus on thematic-based investments such as those aligned with climate change or other sustainability-related opportunities, ESG has grown...


5 Ways to Leverage Clubhouse for Your Business

By Amaris Modesto

If you’re an iPhone user and you haven’t downloaded Clubhouse yet, you may want to consider it. The almost one-year-old app is quickly growing in popularity, and you may be able to use it to benefit your business. Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app that allows users to access chat rooms where they can listen to interviews, panel discussions, live conversations and presentations. Rooms are typically divided into two groups of users: those who...


IPO, SPAC or Direct Listing: What You Need to Know About Going Public

By Lee Stettner

Going public provides companies with the capital they need to invest in future growth, employ top talent, and raise their profile. Today, there are more options than ever for taking a company public. For example, in 2020, 248 companies went public by merging with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). In addition, a growing number of companies — including notable examples Spotify and Slack — have chosen to pursue direct listings as a means to going...