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Driver of Growth: Sarah-Marie Martin’s Path from Wall St. to Uber


Sarah-Marie Martin, VP of Corporate Development and Capital Markets at Uber, has a quote that she keeps on her desk that reads: “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that’s going to help you grow.” Martin got into investment banking after her boss at a summer college internship […]


AI and the Energy Industry: What Lies Ahead

By ICR Team

The energy industry is facing a number of challenges today — extreme weather, aging grids and power storage and distribution among them. Clean energy companies are using cutting-edge, AI-driven services to solve these and other energy challenges. One of these companies is Stem, Inc., a global leader in AI-driven clean energy solutions and services designed […]


Highlights of the ICR ESG and Shareholder Activism Symposium


Recently, ICR hosted a symposium to discuss ESG and shareholder activism. During the panel discussions, influential and expert representatives from companies like Travelers, BlackRock and Vanguard Group talked about a wide range of subjects including ESG scores, capital markets trends and shareholder activism in the universal proxy era. ESG Offers a A Holistic View ESG […]


ICR D.C. Insider: May 2023


In the May 2023 edition of The ICR D.C. Insider, we share our insights and analysis about developments in Washington that could have an immediate and long-term impact on your business. What’s Next In Washington Washington continues to be focused on two macro-level issues: Debt Ceiling Standoff – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the U.S. […]


ICR Launches Generative AI Webinar Series


ICR today announced the debut of a webinar series on generative AI. The 5-part series will explore the potential of generative AI and provide actionable insights for business executives on how to develop a strategic roadmap for leveraging AI technologies. Examining the essentials of generative AI, its applications across various industries, and best practices for […]