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IPO, SPAC or Direct Listing: What You Need to Know About Going Public

By Lee Stettner

Going public provides companies with the capital they need to invest in future growth, employ top talent, and raise their profile. Today, there are more options than ever for taking a company public. For example, in 2020, 248 companies went public by merging with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). In addition, a growing number of companies — including notable examples Spotify and Slack — have chosen to pursue direct listings as a means to going...


ICR, the Leading SPAC Advisor, Publishes Q1 2021 SPAC Market Update


Record-Breaking Q1 SPAC IPO Issuance Exceeds FY 2020 NEW YORK – April 7, 2021 – ICR, a leading strategic communications and advisory firm, today released its Q1 2021 SPAC Market Update report. SPAC IPO issuance broke all records in the first quarter of 2021, with 298 SPACs raising nearly $88 billion. The tally was more than double the 132 SPACs and $39 billion raised in the fourth quarter of 2020 and more than the 248...


Do’s and Don’ts for Providing Guidance


Providing guidance is key to setting expectations for your company’s performance. Then, by delivering on those expectations, you can drive credibility and confidence in the company’s growth. However, you’ll face several critical decisions when delivering guidance, including what type of guidance to provide and what metrics to base it on. To make sure you deliver effective guidance, use this checklist of best practices. Click on the checklist image to view the PDF.


ICR Executives Recognized as Top SPAC PR Pros


2020 was a significant year for special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions, and 2021 is trending in the same direction. Whether companies pursue SPACs or traditional IPOs, they often call on public relations experts to help them effectively communicate their story and put their company in the best light possible. In 2020, ICR advised on more than 50 SPAC transactions, which represents about 20 percent of the total market. Recently, two ICR executives were recognized...


Five Key Points to Remember for Your First Earnings Call

By Eduardo Royes

Your company’s first earnings call is a major milestone, one that calls for thorough preparation as you seek to make a strong impression and instill confidence within the investment community. Here are four key points to keep in mind as your management team gets ready for its debut earnings season – lessons that should reinforce your credibility and help carry you through years of successful calls. Shape Expectations To avoid shaking investor confidence when you report...