ICR’s Bo Park Discusses Lessons for Tech Companies Amid Market Volatility in O’Dwyer’s

Bo Park, managing director at ICR, presents her perspectives on the state of tech PR, amid months of market volatility in the sector, in the May edition of O’Dwyer’s. The article, titled “Tech agencies disrupt traditional growth model,” incorporates insights and commentary on the topic from PR leaders across the country representing O’Dwyer’s top-ranked U.S. firms specializing in tech.

Ms. Park, who leads ICR’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications corporate communications group, discusses how tech companies are understanding the need to effectively and consistently tell their corporate stories – especially when uncertainty in market conditions can contribute to greater disparities between how they value themselves and how Wall Street values them. Looking forward, PR must also evolve to better serve companies in the tech sector, who will seek strongly aligned communications programs that are buttoned-up and connect with critical audiences at any stage of growth, she adds.

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