The 2024 Growth Equation: Why Generative AI is the Variable You Can’t Ignore


The upcoming year looks like business as usual, especially for growth companies. Budgets are tight, expectations remain, and the old playbook? It’s pretty much obsolete. Companies of all shapes and sizes are grappling with how to increase revenue and streamline costs. Could Generative AI be the tool that changes your company’s growth path in 2024?

Why Prioritize for 2024

AI adoption has certainly reached a tipping point, but it’s still early. A recent Gartner poll reveals that 70 percent of organizations are in exploration mode, while 19 percent are already running active pilots or have AI in production. Meanwhile, according to McKinsey, organizations are “commonly using Gen AI.” The report further highlights that, “One-third of all respondents say their organizations are already regularly using generative AI in at least one function—meaning that 60 percent of organizations with reported AI adoption are using gen AI. What’s more, 40 percent of those reporting AI adoption at their organizations say their companies expect to invest more in AI overall thanks to generative AI, and 28 percent say generative AI use is already on their board’s agenda.”

The time is now for companies to integrate Generative AI into their 2024 planning if they haven’t started or risk being left behind. While Generative AI may provide a compelling lever, the C-suite continues to wrestle with how to implement this transformative technology in a strategic way to architect the next phase of growth. We’ve been actively working with companies to scope how the transformative power of AI can be harnessed to achieve their 2024 targets.

The time to evolve is now to take advantage and gain market share, talent and ultimately, strong business viability. We have created a practical growth planning kit, which includes both a Generative AI playbook and a groundbreaking planning model that helps your leadership team quantify the potential impact of AI on your GTM organization.

Topics covered include:

  • Generative AI and the current climate
  • Driving efficiency and innovation through AI
  • Developing an organization-wide AI strategy
  • Mitigating risks with oversight and ethics
  • Prioritizing use cases with quantitative methods
  • Assessing maturity and implementing quick-win pilots
  • Modeling budgets to identify areas to hit growth targets
  • Measuring AI’s impact with short-term and long-term business KPIs

The objective is to facilitate productive board-level planning conversations, drive alignment between the C suite and the board on right-sizing resourcing to goals and communicating an AI strategy to the markets. We’re confident this kit can be a cornerstone for those discussions and, ultimately, a catalyst to better position your company for next year and longer-term growth.

Ready to get ahead of the curve in 2024? Don’t miss out on these essential planning materials. Download the planning kit now.