The Latest in Social Media News and What It Means for You

By Holly Fuller

Many Americans have been locked down at home for the past several months. With fewer social engagements, less time spent dining out, and in many cases, no commute, people are now spending more time on social media. For businesses that connect with clients, prospects, and even employees on social media, that means you need to be more informed than ever about what’s changing in the social media landscape. To help you understand the latest changes in social media, as well as how they could impact your business, we put together the following digest of recent news.

5 Ways to Get Your Employees to Advocate For Your Brand on LinkedIn
Source: Social Media Today

Many of our clients have asked us how they can better leverage the personalities of their companies’ C-suite executives and leaders on LinkedIn, as well as how they can engage all of their employees on the platform. If your clients are coming to you with similar inquiries, check out this infographic from Social Media Today that outlines five top-level considerations to keep in mind, and feel free to reach out to us for additional suggestions. View article here.

Social Media Audiences Continue to Grow Despite Pandemic
Source: Forbes

2020 has been exceptionally challenging for box offices, TV ratings, sporting events and a plethora of other industries — but social media audiences have grown considerably throughout the year. YouTube alone has seen a 20% increase in subscribers during lockdown, as well as 15% increase in video views, and research shows 51% of US adults are using social media at higher rates during lockdown. Read on for more about this trend, as well as why it’s more important than ever for brands to have a strong presence on social channels. View article here.

Twitter Quote Tweets are Now Easier to Find
Source: The Verge

After reports of testing last month, Twitter is officially rolling out a “quote tweets” section, allowing users to see every time a given tweet has been retweeted with a comment. Stay in the know about this update and how it will affect you and your clients’ feeds via this article from The Verge. View article here.

Advertisers are Concerned About Brand Safety on Social Media, but Still Plan to Increase Spending in the Channel
Source: Business Insider

While the July boycott and subsequent Zuckerberg trial saw many advertisers pull spend from Facebook and other platforms in response to growing safety concerns around the spread of hate speech and misinformation, brands are beginning to increase their spend again as we move into Q4. And many plan to increase spend by as much as 25% year-over-year, second in growth only to paid media with a 26% increase year-over-year. View article here.

3 Social Media Hacks to Help Your Content Go Viral
Source: Entrepreneur

Every digital brand wants their content to go viral at some point. While there’s no guarantee given the many factors it takes — including timing, relevance, the right reach and a little magic or je ne sais quoi, there are a few key suggestions offered in this article to help achieve virality. They include developing emotionally driven headlines and CTAs that capture a consumer’s attention in the first three seconds, incorporating user-generated content or ownership of the message, and appealing to human emotion through laughter — even about more serious topics. While this article focuses on non-profit and social impact companies, there is relevance for other industries as well. View article here.

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