Better Living

Liz DiTrapano

Managing Director

Liz has spent her career working with consumer brands at all stages of their lifecycle, with an expertise in developing and executing financial and corporate communications programs. With a focus on restaurants and restaurant technology, Liz has deep experience across the sector, working with private and public companies to support their business goals through executive visibility programs, strategic media relations and overall corporate brand building programs. In her career, Liz has led strategic communications programs for companies across industries, including restaurants, retail, casino & gaming, real estate, healthy living and technology.

In addition to corporate brand building programs, Liz has guided companies through a wide range of communications challenges, including IPOs, go-private transactions, M&A, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy, shareholder activism, executive transitions and other field-level issues that could have a great impact on a company’s reputation and valuation.

Liz joined ICR in 2004 and is a graduate of Fairfield University.