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Can Do!: The benefits of being nimble in the beverage industry with Paddy Spence & Amy Taylor, Zevia

By ICR | Podcast

Carbonated beverages and health don't often go hand in hand, but Zevia intends to change that. By using plant-based ingredients and all-natural sweeteners, Zevia eliminates sugar, GMO's and artificial ingredients from the equation. They deliver drinks that fly off the shelves, both in-store and online; they rank as the number-one sold beverage on Amazon. But their commitment doesn't stop at great taste. CEO Paddy Spence and President Amy Taylor are passionate about consumer health and...


Grabbing a Byte: Innovation, digitalization and experience in the new age fast-food industry with Katherine Fogertey, Shake Shack

By ICR | Podcast

You're probably thinking, "How innovative can fast food be?" Well, allow us to introduce you to Shake Shack. With an influx of new technological features, digital channels, and top-quality customer service, Shake Shack is on the cutting edge of how a restaurant delivers value. Through personalized experiences and enlightened hospitality, CFO Katherine Fogertey and her team have a vision to expand beyond the ordinary for fast food. Through COVID, Shake Shack has expanded its digital...


Convert Operations: Why (and how) you should use convertible securities with Syed Raj Imteaz, ICR Inc.

By ICR | Podcast

As valuations of public companies have risen, funding via convertible instruments has taken off. But while converts offer greater flexibility than traditional debt or equity offerings, they’re also complex and come with a huge list of questions. CFOs can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of such an intricate and infrequent process. But unlike an IPO, they can’t rely on advice from their banker, who is effectively negotiating against them. Fail to read...


Connecting the Dots: Making your technology work together with Eric Yunag, Convergint

By ICR | Podcast

You're probably implementing hundreds of technological solutions in your company already. What would it look like if those were all connected? That's the mission of Convergint. As a global systems integrator, they make sure all your solutions—from security, to fire alarms, to building automation—work together to provide you with a clear picture. And they make that clear picture available in data that you can easily compare and manipulate, which gives you a handle on your...


In Your Grill: A look at the innovative platform that’s changing the outdoor game with Russ Wheeler, BBQGuys

By ICR | Podcast

For many Americans, the idea of an outdoor kitchen—a place to relax with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors—is essential to their dream home. But it takes more than just buying a grill to make that a reality. Where other companies might have seen a customer base, BBQGuys saw a community of creative cooks, hosts, and homemakers who valued good food and better people. Led by new CEO Russ Wheeler, they've gone beyond just...