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The Best Ingredients: Building a Strong Portfolio of Restaurants with Andy Wiederhorn, FAT Brands

By ICR | Podcast

Success in the restaurant industry can be tricky, but today's guest has really nurtured the built-in growth opportunities in his business, with remarkable results. On this episode we're sitting down with Andy Wiederhorn, President and CEO of FAT Brands. FAT Brands is a global franchising company that acquires, markets and develops a range of casual and quick-service dining restaurant concepts. Andy made his first restaurant acquisition in 2003 with FAT Burger, and went on to...


Big Tech’s Big Deals: Counseling the World’s Largest Tech Companies with Cindy Hess, Fenwick

By ICR | Podcast

Even the most ingenious technology won't go far without the support of a solid deal behind it, and today's guest knows all about that. Cindy Hess is a corporate partner at Fenwick and for over 10 years she's served as the co-chair of the firm's startup and venture capital group. Over the course of her practice, Cindy has counseled technology companies on a broad range of corporate transactional matters. She's worked with a wide range...


Rocking the Boat: Shaking Up the World of Energy Drinks with Michael Pengue, ZOA Energy

By ICR | Podcast

If you're going to jump into the massive beverage market with a brand new product, you better have some incredible experience and a solid team behind you. And that's exactly what today's guest has. On this episode we're sitting down with Mike Pengue, who has been CEO of ZOA Energy since its launch in March of 2021. Prior to ZOA, Mike was Senior Vice President, General Manager for the Emerging Brands Group at Keurig, Dr....


Know Thy Customer: Building brands and revitalizing sales in the retail fashion industry with Molly Langenstein, Chico’s

By ICR | Podcast

To really serve your customer, you have to understand them. And that's just one of the crucial ways that today's guest has led her company into remarkable growth. On this episode, we welcome Molly Langenstein, CEO, President and Board Member of Chico's FAS. She joined the company in August of 2019 and became CEO and President less than a year later, in June 2020. Molly is a 30-year retail industry veteran with a proven track...


Powering Up: AI and the Energy Industry with John Carrington, Stem Inc.

By ICR | Podcast

Extreme weather, aging grids, power storage and distribution; these are just some of the challenges that clean energy is stepping up to solve. And companies like Stem are at the forefront, with cutting edge AI-driven services. Today we hear from John Carrington, CEO of Stem Inc. John leads the energy storage and analytics movement at the company and has more than 25 years of leadership experience in technology, energy, and industrial companies. He came to...