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Fueling the Future: Transforming Pollution into Energy Solutions with Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech

By ICR | Podcast

Innovation is about creation, but it's also about finding new spaces where those creations can be used. Today's guest has applied a centuries-old scientific process to solve a global industry problems. Today's guest is Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech. Under Jennifer’s guidance, LanzaTech is developing a variety of platform chemicals and fuels, including the world’s first alternative jet fuel derived from industrial waste gases. She is also the Director and Chair of the LanzaJet...


Structured Credit Secrets: How Tacora Capital Carved Out a Unique Approach to Business Growth with CEO Keri Findley

By icr | Podcast

When you're a founder, you need creative ways to grow your business. Today's guest recognized that need, and built her company on it. We're sitting down with Keri Findley, Founder and CEO of Tacora Capital. Keri has two decades of experience in structured credit investing at leading firms, and as a private investor. She founded Tacora in 2022, securing a $250 million investment from renowned venture capitalist Peter Thiel. From 2009 to 2017, Kerry ran...


Loan Ranger: ACORE’s Innovative Approach to Commercial Real Estate Lending with Warren de Haan, ACORE Capital

By ICR | Podcast

As the economy shifts, and interest rates rise, there's an extraordinary opportunity right now for lenders who pay attention and lean in. Today we get to sit down with Warren de Haan, Founder, Managing Partner, and CEO at ACORE Capital. ACORE is one of the largest credit managers focused on commercial real estate lending, with approximately $20 billion of assets under management for the past three years. ACORE originates, acquires and manages first mortgages, bnot,...


Silent Nights: Trailblazing with Life-Changing Sleep Tech with Len Liptak, ProSomnus Sleep Technologies

By ICR | Podcast

Sleep apnea affects a billion people worldwide and can cause serious medical problems, and yet its most widely prescribed therapy can be intolerable for many sufferers. My guest today has identified and jumped on a huge need for an alternative therapy. Tom Ryan is sitting down with Len Liptak, founder and CEO of ProSomnus Sleep Technology, which trades under the symbol O S A. He's a board member and the co-inventor of the company's flagship...


Insider’s Guide to Going Public

By ICR | eBook

There’s a lot on the line when you prepare to take your company public. While the events of listing day may be what leaders dream of, the preparation for that day should start long before. To guide you through the process, we have created a comprehensive guide that lays out the entire IPO process, offering best practices and advice on where the pitfalls lie. In our free guide you’ll find: A timeline of the IPO...