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Bread Winners: How Potbelly’s Sandwiches Are Transforming Fast-Casual Dining

By ICR | Podcast

At a time when everyone is paying more for a lot less, and service is in decline, today's guest is leaning in to added value, and it's paying off in spades. We're sitting down with Bob Wright, who has been President and CEO of Potbelly Corporation since July of 2020. The stock trades under the symbol PBPB.  Bob has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, most recently serving as Executive Vice President...


A Clean Sweep: Revolutionizing Health and Safety in Hospitality

By ICR | Podcast

In an industry booming with customer-focused innovations, it's crucial not to overlook the backbone of an enterprise. Today's guest created a groundbreaking technology that prioritizes health and safety for both customers and in-house staff, that is a critical asset for hospitality businesses as a whole. We're sitting down with Christine Schindler, who is CEO and co-founder of PathSpot, a technology company dedicated to protecting businesses and their customers from the threat of food borne illnesses...


Revving up Consumer Relationships: How Blue Engine Merges Creativity and Strategy in PR Communications

By ICR | Podcast

Today, there are countless platforms to reach consumers, but utilizing too many outlets can also fragment a brand's image. Our guest on this episode specializes in strategic brand exposure, providing clients with guidance to target consumers, and maintain a united market presence.  We're sitting down with Anton Nicholas, Managing Partner at ICR. Anton just celebrated his 12th  anniversary at ICR, and he runs the CorpComm team for all of Consumer, from Retail to Apparel to...


Data-Driven Dining: Optimizing the Guest Experience by Reshaping Reservations

By ICR | Podcast

In the effort to recover from the impact of the pandemic, the hospitality industry has had a surge of innovation, ideas, and new technologies. And while the boost has been essential to getting the industry back on its feet, it has also intensified the competition. Today's guest is setting their company apart with a consumer-focused approach. We're sitting down with Matt Tucker, who is the head of Tock, a technology driven hospitality business owned by...


A Prosperous Pursuit: Mastering a Market Niche One Property at a Time

By ICR | Podcast

Over the last few years, the wavering economy has presented problems for virtually every market. In  real estate, rising rates and inflation have challenged buyers and sellers alike. But while wading in those waters, today's guest managed to find a silver lining in their unique investment field.  We’re sitting down with Matt Fraser, a 20-year veteran of real estate, private equity, and corporate finance. He is the founder and CEO of Jones Street Investment Partners,...