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5 Ways to Facilitate Successful Analyst Communications

By ICR | checklist

Your analysts play a significant role in your company’s investor relations, and poorly managed analyst relationships can cause complications.


SPACs: the ongoing evolution of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies with Don Duffy, ICR

By ICR | Podcast

In recent years, a new way of taking companies public has exploded onto the scene: the special-purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. SPACs are regulated differently than traditional IPOs, they have different risks, and require different communication strategies. But if you understand them, SPACs can offer incredible opportunities for management and investors alike. For a deeper understanding of this new structure, we turned to a familiar face, someone who has been working on SPACs since the...


Eyes on the Buys: What the Buy-Side Looks for When Investing with Laird Bieger, Baron Capital Group

By ICR | Podcast

Summary: The buy-side has analysts that know your industry, so why don't you know the universe of buyers? Asset managers have different strengths and different strategies. Knowing the players will help you find the best investment partner for your business. It also helps to know what they're looking for. On this episode, Laird Bieger, Vice President and Portfolio Manager of the Discovery Fund at Baron Capital, gives us a peek behind the curtain of a...


Food for Thought: Sell Side Equity Research & the Restaurant University with Nicole Miller Regan, Piper Sandler

By ICR | Podcast

Summary The best sell-side analysts are experts in every aspect of their industry: consumer behavior, competitive landscape, industry trends and company fundamentals. Nicole Miller Regan is one of those experts. As Senior Research Analyst at Piper Sandler, she has been on the sell-side for over 15 years, and is an authority on the restaurant and hospitality universe. Highlights: How the restaurant industry has adapted during COVID (3:10) Structural changes that businesses made during the pandemic...


12 Essential Elements for Your Investor Relations Website

By ICR | checklist

Ace your first impression with potential investors using these 12 key elements for your investor relations website.