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The Beauty Business is Booming: The Rapid Rise of the Aesthetics Industry with Dave Prokupek, Ideal Image

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The ‘Fountain of Youth’ was first mentioned in the writings of Herodotus in the 5th century BC. The world may have changed a lot since the Ancient Greeks, but our desire to look better, look younger, has not. Fast forward to today, TikTok “beauty hacks” and YouTube videos promising to help us “look younger in seconds” flood the internet. The human obsession with youth and beauty has been alive and well for thousands of years, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the aesthetics category is giant, and only continuing to grow.

Today’s guest is Dave Prokupek, CEO of Ideal Image, North America’s leading aesthetics brand with over 1000 doctors and medical professionals who have performed more than 20 million FDA approved treatments. Backed up by 20 years of experience, Ideal delivers affordable and effective health and beauty services including laser hair removal, Botox, filler, body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, and medical grade skincare. Prior to joining Ideal, Dave built a cross-industry career by leading transformational growth as the CEO of an impressive list of companies like Smashburger and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

In this episode, Dave and Tom Ryan discuss the mechanics of Ideal Image’s successful business model, the massive growth they are seeing in the health and beauty market, and how digital innovation is giving them a leg up on their competition.


  • Dave unpacks the opportunities he saw that led him to Ideal Image (03:07)
  • Dave discusses the broad consumer pool that Ideal Image is targeting (05:16)
  • Dave explains the benefits of partnering with a private equity firm like L Catterton (07:04)
  • What business model allows Ideal Image to scale rapidly while maintaining a personal experience for customers? (08:09)
  • Dave talks us through how the pandemic affected Ideal Image (11:11)
  • What is the Ideal Image tele-aesthetics platform? (12:54)
  • Dave explains how Ideal Image is using technological innovation to grow the business (14:23)
  • How are current market conditions affecting Ideal Image’s bottom line? (19:02)
  • Dave describes Ideal Image’s affiliate program (20:11)
  • Dave offers advice to CEOs on growing their companies, regardless of the industry they’re operating in (21:51)


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