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After IPO Day: A look into securities exchange and the logistics of foreign markets with Bob McCooey, Nasdaq

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Take a step back and you’ll realize that the marketplace you’re operating within is a business unto itself, subject to industry forces of their own. And they work hard to make their portfolio companies successful through IPO day and beyond. So what can your exchange do for you? Nasdaq is a leader in the global stock market, and on this episode, senior VP Bob McCooey gives us insight into the mechanics behind stock exchanges and foreign markets. Bob has seen all sides of the marketplace, from running a brokerage firm to sitting on the board of executives at the New York Stock Exchange. The better you understand these marketplaces, the better situated you are to take advantage of their offerings, and no one knows them better than Bob, so listen in while we discuss the ever-evolving nature of the stock market, exchange consolidation and how Nasdaq is growing their global footprint.


  • Bob’s change of career from brokerage to Nasdaq (5:06)
  • The modern services Nasdaq provide (5:52)
  • How Nasdaq provides an exceptional experience to listed companies (10:39)
  • Consolidation and trends among the exchanges (14:17)
  • A look at some of the companies that Bob has counseled (18:39)
  • Next steps in building Nasdaq brand globally (24:18)
  • How Nasdaq approaches the SPAC market (26:52)
  • Bob’s personal assessment of SPACs (28:50)


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