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Business’ Brand New Era: Building Brand Visibility and Reputation Post-Pandemic with Dux Raymond Sy, AvePoint

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In 2021, the average person was estimated to encounter between 6000 and 10 000 ads every single day. And, with eyes more glued to screens than ever before, digital marketing, finding its way to us via smartphones and computers, accounts for a great deal of that ad consumption. Customers are constantly bombarded with messaging telling them to “buy now,” but in increasingly crowded markets of near-identical competitors, how can you convince them to not just “buy now,” but buy you. That’s where brand (your company’s unique identity and reputation) comes in.

This week’s guest, Dux Raymond Sy, is a brand expert who will help unpack the advantages of building brand into your business strategy. Dux is the Chief Brand Officer at AvePoint, a NASDAQ listed company under the symbol AVPT. Founded in 2001, AvePoint is the largest independent software vendor of SaaS data solutions for Microsoft 365 and they migrate, manage and protect data in Google, Microsoft Cloud, SharePoint, and Salesforce, optimizing SaaS operations and secure collaboration.

In this episode, Dux describes the differences between marketing strategy and branding strategy, how AvePoint is establishing their brand based on customer confidence, and the digital marketing shifts he has seen in the SaaS space coming out of the pandemic.


  • From poser to pro: Dux’s journey to brand and marketing (03:18)
  • Dux unpacks brand vs. marketing and the characteristics of a memorable brand (06:51)
  • Dux describes AvePoint’s history and purpose (08:32)
  • How to approach brand management across cultures in a global company (11:27)
  • How AvePoint adapted to Covid-19 conditions (12:26)
  • Dux’s take on the long term impacts of the pandemic on brand and marketing (15:58)
  • Dux explain AvePoint’s new #SaaSInStyle campaign (18:15)
  • How AvePoint is diversifying their offering (22:30)
  • Why B2B SaaS companies should be looking to market on non-traditional Platforms (24:41)
  • Wrap Up (26:45)


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