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The Battle of Biotech: Fighting Disease with Breakthrough Treatment Strategy with Dr. Eddie Sullivan, SAB Biotherapeutics

By ICR | Podcast

In healthcare, they say “the only constant is change”. Medical practices and treatments are always evolving, and today’s guest is on the cutting edge of an exciting development.

On this episode we’re sitting down with Dr. Eddie Sullivan, Co-founder, President and CEO at SAB Biotherapeutics. Eddie served in biopharma leadership positions for more than 25 years, and prior to joining SAB, he was CEO of Hema Tech, where he led initiatives to develop infectious disease, cancer, and autoimmune immunotherapies. A recognized thought leader in antibodies in transgenic animals, Eddie serves on the board of directors for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, he’s earned two PhDs in health science administration and reproductive physiology, and he holds an MS in reproductive physiology and molecular biology, and a BS in Animal health sciences.

We talk to Eddie about SAB’s polyclonal antibody research, bias in the biotech world, and the future of fighting diseases.


  • Eddie’s path to the Biotherapeutics field (2:35)
  • Founding SAB and the immunotherapy industry (3:14)
  • How SAB uses cows for research (4:34)
  • SAB take on COVID vaccine (8:21)
  • Monoclonal bias in the field (13:08)
  • Slow growth in polyclonal research (16:45)
  • SAB’s expansion on disease treatment (19:55)
  • What Eddie is excited about in the future for the field (26:13)
  • The biggest challenge in biotech (27:05)



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