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High Hopes: Growing the Cannabis Industry in California and Beyond with Kyle Kazan, Glass House Brands

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There are a lot of things that California produces well: movies, wine, and yes, cannabis. Today’s guest knows all about that. Kyle Kazan is co-founder and CEO of Glasshouse Brands, a vertically integrated sustainable producer of cannabis products. 

In 1991, he began investing in real estate, and became a manager of private equity funds. He’s now launched a total of 23 funds with a current estimated value of almost $3 billion. 

In 2016 Kyle pivoted to the regulated cannabis industry. Since his early service as a special education teacher and law enforcement officer, Kyle’s been a vocal advocate for police reform and ending the war on drugs.

He makes frequent appearances on CNN and Fox and has been a guest professor at NYU, USC, and UCLA’s business schools. Kyle’s a graduate of University of Southern California where he played varsity basketball, and his long and varied career made for a great conversation.


  • Kyle talks about his early years as a basketball player, then a police officer turned real estate investor (2:45)
  • What led Kyle to move into cannabis (5:37)
  • The assets that Glass House has today (9:16)
  • Glass House’s vertical integration (11:13)
  • Kyle discusses the brands of Glass House (14:27)
  • How growing the product in California figures into Glass House’s marketing (16:35)
  • The challenges in this industry and the state of the market now (19:31)
  • How the current political climate might affect Glass House (21:16)
  • The total addressable market for Glass House (23:21)
  • Kyle talks about his great team at Glass House (25:46)
  • Their unique approach to investors (28:34)


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