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Loan Ranger: ACORE’s Innovative Approach to Commercial Real Estate Lending with Warren de Haan, ACORE Capital

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As the economy shifts, and interest rates rise, there’s an extraordinary opportunity right now for lenders who pay attention and lean in.

Today we get to sit down with Warren de Haan, Founder, Managing Partner, and CEO at ACORE Capital. ACORE is one of the largest credit managers focused on commercial real estate lending, with approximately $20 billion of assets under management for the past three years.

ACORE originates, acquires and manages first mortgages, bnot, mezzanine, debt, and preferred equity throughout the us. They are ranked in the top 20 of the Real Estate Debt 50, according to private equity real estate, the leading industry trade publication for real estate fund and investment managers. Since its inception in 2015, ACORE has closed almost 500 transactions worth almost $40 billion. Prior to ACORE, Warren held C-Suite leadership positions in the commercial real estate finance industry, and capital markets, including Starwood Property Trust, Countrywide Commercial Real Estate Finance, and Coastal Capital Partners.

For the past 6 years, The Commercial Observer has ranked Warren in the top 15 of their annual listing of the 50 most important figures of commercial real estate finance.


  • Warren describes his path to the hospitality industry, and what drew him to it (3:06)
  • Warren discusses how the economic climate influenced the buildup to founding ACORE (3:57)
  • The commercial real estate debt market and its current addressable market (6:58)
  • How ACORE scales their business while assuring ‘white glove service’ to their customers (8:26)
  • Warren describes how the company handles ever-changing regulations and political interference (15:51)
  • How Warren approaches and resolves the complexity, and risk factors in the field (18:42)
  • Warren describes the opportunistic sectors of the real estate market (22:28)
  • The change in capital spending and loan status over time, and the state of the current market (25:51)
  • Warren provides his theory on why businesses should pinpoint their focus on credit (28:11)
  • ACORE’s short-term and long-term goals for the future (31:10)


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