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Connecting the Dots: Making your technology work together with Eric Yunag, Convergint

By ICR | Podcast

You’re probably implementing hundreds of technological solutions in your company already. What would it look like if those were all connected? That’s the mission of Convergint. As a global systems integrator, they make sure all your solutions—from security, to fire alarms, to building automation—work together to provide you with a clear picture. And they make that clear picture available in data that you can easily compare and manipulate, which gives you a handle on your most important assets.

In this episode, we talk to Eric Yunag, VP of Technology & Innovation at Convergint to find out about the future of the connected world. From his view at the forefront of integrated security, he tells us what the next technological revolution will look like, and why you need a technologist in your company today. Plus, we’ll look at how different industries are adapting to digitalization, and what it means to create an experience with your service.

Security is no longer just locks, chains, and keypads. So come and join us, as we give you the tools to make your business more secure than ever.


  • How Convergint is applying the technology they have at their disposal (2:51) 
  • The next technological revolution (5:37) 
  • How organizations can implement new technologies in physical world applications (7:44) 
  • How society is using “computer vision” to navigate itself (9:38) 
  • People should begin using technology as a visual intelligence platform (14:55) 
  • The power of gaze detection (16:52) 
  • How Convergint provides strategic guidance (17:42) 
  • Giving service that feels like an experience (19:44) 
  • How technology can improve workplace safety in the wake of the pandemic (23:34) 
  • Alternative lenses to reframe how you view technology (28:07) 


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