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Convert Operations: Why (and how) you should use convertible securities with Syed Raj Imteaz, ICR Inc.

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As valuations of public companies have risen, funding via convertible instruments has taken off. But while converts offer greater flexibility than traditional debt or equity offerings, they’re also complex and come with a huge list of questions. CFOs can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of such an intricate and infrequent process. But unlike an IPO, they can’t rely on advice from their banker, who is effectively negotiating against them. Fail to read the fine print and you could be out 7 figures. So who’s out there to help you?

Well, Syed Raj Imteaz, that’s who! Raj, along with his team at ICR are here to advise companies on how to get the most out of the convertible process. He’s been doing converts for over 17 years and has seen it all, from sell-side to management. He joins us today to give some important context to the convert-sation; where the structure comes from, what you have to look out for, and why it’s so hot right now. In this episode, we’ll talk call spreads, capital allocation, and coupons. We’ll also hear how Raj’s old hard-sell, and the time he saved a company a cool $20 million.

CFOs can breathe easier knowing someone like Raj is out there. So press play, and learn how you can give your company competitive working capital, without sacrificing your stake or scaring your investors.


  • How Raj found himself in equity derivatives (0:35)
  • What makes a convertible instrument more complex than debt or equity (2:36)
  • Why you need advice if you’re going to attempt a convert (4:58)
  • Convertible language that could hurt you down the road (9:45)
  • Why the market for converts is so hot (11:38)
  • Raj’s sell-side convertible pitch (16:55)
  • When Raj saved a company millions (20:09)
  • How convertibles can help you rethink capital return (24:05)


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