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Creating a Collaborative Platform to Drive Treatment Innovations

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Providing effective healthcare isn’t just about the right treatment, it’s a field with many branches, and strong relationships and communication channels are just as essential to providing patients with the care they need. Today’s guest has developed a platform to bridge those gaps and facilitate collaboration. 

Today we’re sitting down with Maital Rasmussen, who has over 20 years experience as a global commercial executive and strategic advisor. In her role as chief commercial officer at Octave, Maytel is responsible for leading and bringing the first in market precision care solution in neurodegenerative diseases to patients, physicians, pharmas and payers.

She is a leader in the global commercialization of digital health and precision medicine solutions and has extensive experience in growth and value creation of patient centric, data-driven health tech products across multiple disease areas, including oncology, neurology, diabetes, infectious diseases, and more.

Maital previously served as Global Head of Marketing at Roche during her tenure there, she defined Roche’s personalized healthcare strategy and successfully launched digital solutions globally, positioning the company as a world leader in health technology. Some of her other positions included Director of Strategic and Product Marketing at Oracle Healthcare and Precision Medicine, Vice President of Global Marketing at JPMorgan Chase, and Founder and CEO of Rasmussen Communications. 

She draws on deep insights, fresh thinking, and relationships. She turns great ideas into action and delivers results driven programs without losing sight of the big picture, as so many often do.


  • Maital describes her career background, and her transition from tech and finance to healthcare (2:50)
  • Maital describes how the Octave opportunity came to her (4:24)
  • Octave’s work, and their unique approach to MS treatment (6:10)
  • Octave’s innovative digital platform, and its benefit to patients and physicians (10:27)
  • Maital describes the unique technology in Octave’s blood test (11:51)
  • Market competition, and what sets Octave’s precision medicine apart (13:14)
  • Octave’s relationship with MS research communities (16:24)
  • Partnerships, and how Octave is facilitating collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem (18:16)
  • Maital explains the outlook for Octave and how they allocate capital investments (19:31)
  • The potential for Octave’s innovative technology to expand into new disease sectors (21:33)
  • Recent leadership change how it will affect the company and Maital’s role (23:19)
  • How COVID changed digital health landscape (25:13)
  • How Octave is bridging the gap between patients, pharma, payers, and physicians in  the healthcare ecosystem (27:01)
  • Maital’s goals and predictions for the future of Octave’s platform and research (28:19)


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