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De-SPAC with Origin Materials: Turning biomass into useful materials

By ICR | Webinar

Origin Materials is the world’s leading carbon negative materials company. The Origin platform turns the carbon found in biomass into useful materials, while eliminating the need for fossil resources and capturing carbon in the process. 

Backed by household names like Danone SA, Nestle SA, and PepsiCo Inc., the company aims to make reaching net zero a reality through access to versatile, economical, carbon-negative materials and technologies. Following a recent merger with Artius Acquisition Inc., Origin is in the process of identifying market opportunities and partnerships that will lead to the commercialization of carbon-negative materials.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up to watch the recording with Stephens, Inc. Senior Research Analyst, Mark Connelly, Origin Materials Co-Founder & Co-CEO, John Bissel, Origin Co-Ceo, Rich Riley, Artius Acquisition Inc. Founder & Managing Partner, Boon Sim, and ICR Senior Vice President, Ashish Gupta.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Origin’s carbon-negative technology platform
  • Market opportunities and target end-markets
  • Partnerships to develop and commercialize carbon-negative materials
  • Progress toward commercialization
  • Recent merger with Artius

To listen to the full discussion, watch the webinar replay.