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Prosecutor’s Dilemma: Decision-Making in the Legal Sector with Cyrus Vance Jr., Baker McKenzie

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A great thinker once said “what is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” Our guest on the show today has built his legacy on tough, but hugely influential decision-making.

Today we’re joined by Cyrus Vance Jr., best known for serving as New York County’s top law enforcement officer for 12 years. As Manhattan District Attorney, he oversaw everything from white-collar fraud to cybercrime human-trafficking and even cold-case homicides. He’s now a partner at Global Law Firm Baker Mackenzie, where he wears three hats sitting in its litigation and government enforcement and global investigations and compliance groups, all while serving as global chair of the cybersecurity practice.

After graduating from Yale University and earning his JD from Georgetown Law Center, Cy entered his first stint in public service as an assistant district attorney in the office that he was later elected to lead. His career has taken him everywhere from Africa to the Pacific Northwest, and we’re very fortunate to have him as a guest today.


  • Cyrus describes his background and journey to the Manhattan DA Office(2:49)
  • Cyrus’ father’s influence on his career in the legal sector (4:45)
  • What it’s like to run for office, and learning how to maneuver life in the public eye (5:56)
  • Returning to work in the office, what was the same and what was different (7:38)
  • The benefits and problems of working with large amounts of money (11:45)
  • Extending developments on anti-corruption legislation, and heightening pressure on white-collar crime (15:27)
  • Cyrus on if he regrets leaving office amongst the current prosecution of president Trump (19:50)
  • What Cyrus learned from a business standpoint about managing a large team at the Manhattan DA Office (21:40)
  • What is Cyrus’ current goals as head of cybersecurity at Baker McKenzie (22:49)
  • Cyrus discusses his outlook on potentially writing a book in the future (24:40)
  • Cyrus’ hobbies and passion for motorcycles (27:38)
  • What Cyrus would be doing if he didn’t pursue a career in law (28:21)


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