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Passing the Test: How This Company Made a Big Difference in the Fight Against COVID with Jeff Fischer, Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics

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Testing the population is a vital step in the pursuit of disease control. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the biotech industry was challenged to rapidly adapt and produce safe, effective testing at an almost unimaginable scale, businesses were forced to adapt and re-think the way diagnostic tests are designed, distributed, and safely conducted in order to keep up with demand. 

Our guest today is Jeff Fischer. Jeff is the co-founder and president of Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics LLC, an industry leading biotechnology company that has been on the frontlines of the battle with COVID-19. From 2007 to 2017, Jeff served as CFO of Longhorn. Jeff has previous experience in the biotech industry as an executive VP and CFO, and he is also a former infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps.

In this episode, Jeff explains Longhorn’s innovative FDA-approved PrimeStore Molecular Transport Medium – a product that has changed the way viruses are tested, how seeking FDA approval helped with mass rollout in a time of crisis, and how Longhorn found an unusual solution to a shortage of essential supplies. 


  • Jeff discusses his motivation to start a company focused on diagnostic tools to address what he saw as a coming influenza pandemic (02:55)
  • How life in the Marine Corps influenced Jeff’s understanding of the world and his work (04:03)
  • What is PrimeStore Molecular Transport Medium? (05:56)
  • How Longhorn adapted to increased demand during the pandemic (11:04)
  • How the Coca-Cola Bottling Group became the solution to test tube supply chain issues during the pandemic (15:04)
  • Jeff discusses Longhorn’s market opportunity and long term avenues for growth (17:41)
  • Jeff explains the agility and independence afforded to Longhorn by not being a public company (19:41)
  • What is the concept of “one health,” and how will it change the way we think about the health of humans and the planet (21:41)
  • Is a universal influenza vaccine just around the corner? (24:21)


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