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Building Better Business: Efficient and Eco-Conscious Construction with Steve Glenn, Plant Prefab

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Here’s a quick word association. What comes to mind when you hear the word, “construction.” Your first thought probably wasn’t “efficient,” but CEO Steve Glenn and his company, Plant Prefab, are trying to change that. Plant Prefab creates architect- designed custom homes held to the highest environmental standards and, because they fabricate structural pieces at production facilities simultaneously to onsite construction, they operate much more efficiently than companies using traditional methods.

The construction sector is vast, with every niche having multi billion-dollar potential. Companies that can set themselves apart through innovation have a lot to gain.

Reliability, efficiency, and an eco-friendly mission that appeals to both socially conscious consumers as well as developers trying to keep up with ever-stricter government regulations are helping Plant Prefab stand out from the competition. In an industry where cost of labor is a particular pain point, the ability to streamline and regulate the building process is in increasingly high demand, especially in the urban infill corner of the market where Plant Prefab thrives.

In this episode, Steve Glenn shares his insights on the massive investment opportunity that is the real estate and construction market, and what Plant Prefab is doing to continue setting new standards of efficiency and sustainability in the industry.


  • Introduction to Steve Glenn and Plant Prefab (2:26)
  • Why Plant Prefab is a technology company (6:10)
  • Plant Prefab’s investors (8:19)
  • Pros and cons to focusing on urban infill (12:39)
  • The stats on Plant Prefab vs. traditional building methods (16:15)
  • Achieving carbon neutrality (19:08)
  • The “hub and spoke” model of manufacturing facilities (22:05)
  • Efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry (26:33)


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