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High Times: An exploration of the ever-evolving cannabis industry with Miguel Martin, Aurora Cannabis

By ICR | Podcast

The cannabis industry is flourishing more than ever. With competition at an all-time high, there are a number of things to consider, both financially and legally. While the buy and sell aspect might seem pretty straightforward on paper, the ever-emerging sanctions on fundamental factors like transportation, make the process a little harder. In this episode we sat down with Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis, as he gave us a sneak peek at how the company is flying sky high. We discussed the issues surrounding taxation, legalization and decriminalization, as well as taking a look at the recreational and medical usage. Aurora are game changers, with a multitude of trusted partners around the globe, and profitability growth through the roof, Miguel and his team have hit the jackpot. To find out more about Aurora’s success, listen on.


  • Introduction of the 4 key areas (1:08)
  • The pathway to SG&A profitability (4:19)
  • What it takes to succeed in medical (6:25)
  • The importance of building relationships with regulators (9:47)
  • The future of cannabinoids (14:50)
  • Dynamic nature of the cannabis market (18:21)
  • Breakdown of the science and innovation unit of Aurora (19:55)
  • The pathway to EBITDA profitability (24:02)
  • Aurora’s next steps (26:07)


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