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Heading Off Hackers: Why External Cybersecurity is Not Just a Defensive Sport with James Foster, ZeroFOX

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As threat volume and complexity grows, cyberattacks are quickly becoming one of the biggest concerns facing companies today. When the pandemic accelerated the shift towards digital, and employees around the world began logging in to work from their home networks, the threat of data being compromised only deepened. This is a big problem, not only for businesses, but for the stakeholders who put their trust in them. Cybercriminals are getting bolder, and cyber risks are always evolving. To protect your organization, you need a solution that evolves alongside the threat. 

Today’s guest is doing the critically important work of developing effective cybersecurity solutions. James C. Foster is a world-renowned thought leader on cybersecurity, and founder and CEO of ZeroFOX. Foster has published over a dozen books, holds several patents, and has spoken on Capitol Hill about the increase in international cyber threats. Prior to founding ZeroFOX in 2013, Foster founded the cybersecurity company Ciphent which he grew to almost a hundred employees and a thousand customer before it was acquired by Accuvant in 2010. He’s also worked with several high-growth cybersecurity organizations and executed on exit strategies for companies like Foundstone, Guardent, and Information Security Magazine, and as an advisor for the United States Department of Defense.

In this episode, I speak with Foster about pressing external cybersecurity concerns, ZeroFOX’s recent public transaction with L&F Acquisition Corp, and where he sees market opportunity in the coming years.


  • Foster explains external cybersecurity, and how ZeroFOX works to eradicate those risks for businesses (02:54)
  • Foster describes the effects the pandemic and the ongoing shift towards digital have had on the business (05:53)
  • What is the market opportunity for external cybersecurity? (07:20)
  • Foster explains the rate of cyberattack in recent years, and how a company like ZeroFOX can help ease the minds of execs (09:05)
  • ZeroFOX’s public transaction with L&F Acquisition Corp, and their acquisition of IDX (12:36)
  • Foster talks through ZeroFOX’s recurring revenue model (18:03)
  • Who are ZeroFOX’s clients, and where do they see opportunity in the market for expansion? (20:29)
  • Foster comments on the way global events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affect cybersecurity around the world (23:08)


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