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Fit for purpose: Finding the value that everyone else ignores with Brian Gonick, Senvest

By ICR | Podcast

Investing in stocks that the market has passed by is certainly risky, but that’s right where Co-Chief Investment Officer Brian Gonick and his team at Senvest find value. Through strong understanding of management, a discerning eye, and techniques adopted from the CIA, Senvest finds stocks with the potential for exponential long-term growth.

Brian Gonick highlights how Senvest looks to invest over an extended period of time, showing how important they view their horizons. To be part of the Senvest journey, you need to understand a thing or two about community. Developing strategies and building networks are two pieces of the investment puzzle, as far as Senvest are concerned.

On this episode, we’ll understand how Brian and his company set out to bring companies together for a brighter and more profitable future. For Senvest, getting from point A to B is the ultimate goal, but they believe as long as milestones are being hit, success will follow.


  • Outlining what the company does and how they invest (0:19)
  • How they plan to invest over time (2:43)
  • Adopting FBI & CIA interrogation techniques (7:15)
  • Biggest success story with company they have worked with (9:52)
  • Explaining how their philosophy is more about the situation and less about industry (14:06)
  • Examples of the view on value to growth (15:41)
  • Senvest’s use of data in ways they never have used it before (20:31)
  • How important hitting milestones and achieving expectations is for the Senvest (27:08)


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