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Fueling Growth by Tapping Into a Sustainable Future and a Vast Market

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There are some extraordinary opportunities for companies with the vision and commitment to get behind the energy transition, and today’s guest works with one of them.

We’re sitting down with David Bandele, who has served as the CFO of Hexagon Composites since 2014. The company is headquartered in Norway and trades under the symbol HEX. OL. Their business is focused on carbon-negative, zero-emission energy solutions supported by world-class manufacturing and digitization.

Before joining Hexagon, David held several senior positions in the field of finance and controlling with the Acre Group of Companies, GE Healthcare, and Amersham PLC. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sheffield and is an  ICAEW Chartered Accountant.


  • Introduction to Hexagon Composites and their background (3:15)
  • Hexagon’s target audience and reach (4:25)
  • David describes his road to Hexagon (4:57)
  • David breaks down the similarities and differences between natural gas, and renewable gas (6:15)
  • Hexagon’s growth and quick expansion (8:15)
  • Hexagon’s total addressable market and sustainability benefits (12:20)
  • David walks us through Hexagon Agility’s mobile pipeline (15:56)
  • Mobile pipline demand (17:41)
  • David takes us through the rollout of Hexagon Digital and developments in other Hexagon verticals (18:38)
  • Hoexagon’s recent partnership with Compass Natural Gas (20:18)
  • Hexagon Regasco and their current market outlook (22:54)
  • David provides his outlook on the current environmental and sustainability efforts in business across the US (25:18)
  • How Hexagon is continuing to innovate and win over shareholders for the long term (26:55)
  • David gives us his predictions and goals for Hexagon’s near future (29:38)


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