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The Plus Side: Groundbreaking Developments in Cancer Research with Marc Hedrick, Plus Therapeutics

By ICR | Podcast

Millions of Americans with medical conditions spend years waiting for breakthrough treatments. Today’s guest is making extraordinary advances in cancer treatment to significantly improve outcomes.

Today we’re sitting down with Dr. Marc Hedrick, President and CEO at Plus Therapeutics whose stock trades under the symbol PSTV.  Previously, Dr. Hedrick served in a number of executive leadership roles, including President, CEO and Director of Cytori Therapeutics, and President and CEO of STEM Source. He’s a trained general vascular and plastic surgeon, and former Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at UCLA. He also served as co-Director of the Laboratory of Regenerative Bioengineering and Repair at UCLA.

Dr. Hedrick received his MD from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas, and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA in 2005. We talked about his company’s incredible new technology that is revolutionizing how some cancers can be treated.


  • Marc describes his background, and path to the medical field (2:28)
  • How did Plus Therapeutics approach their research to make their treatment developments (3:22)
  • How Plus Therapeutics targeted treatment differs from traditional radiotherapy (4:46)
  • Marc breaks down how the company chooses what types of cancer to develop treatments for (6:07)
  • Plus Therapeutics’ cutting-edge treatments, and drugs (7:52)
  • What treatments their distinctive drugs can be used for and how they work (9:57)
  • Plus Therapeutics’ partnerships, and what the company looks for in a partner (12:43)
  • How the company managed challenges through the COVID-19 pandemic (14:23)
  • Competition in the CNS space, and the challenges Plus Therapeutics faced introducing a new treatment (15:52)
  • Funding, and the company’s unique capitalization strategy (17:14)
  • Marc describes the company’s addressable market opportunity (19:16)
  • Plus Therapeutics’ leadership team, and value of culture (21:15)
  • Locational benefits, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Texas (22:52)
  • Marc’s predictions on the future of the radiotherapy industry (24:15)


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