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Building a Strategic Communications Plan for Corporate Spinoff Success

By ICR | eBook

Corporate spin-offs — in other words, new business subsidiaries separated from their parent companies — have performed well in the broader market over the past few years, and spin-off activity is expected to remain robust well into the future. 

The success of those subsidiaries, however, depends on a comprehensive communications program that establishes the spinoff’s purpose, differentiators, and future growth plans. 

In this eBook, we discuss how a comprehensive, well-established communications program can boost spinoff success by:

  • Introducing the new standalone entity to a wide range of stakeholders, particularly key capital market participants
  • Helping it retain (or, when necessary, replace) a healthy percentage of institutional and private investors who “inherited” tax-free distributions of its stock from the parent company, thereby diminishing price volatility
  • Helping it attract new private and institutional investors and drive revenue growth

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