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Good News: How the media can help your business with Jason Kelly, Bloomberg Quicktake

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With fast-growing private and public companies, you’re often juggling a lot of stakeholders: management, employees, board members, investors. But there’s one key stakeholder that’s often forgotten: the media. But ignore them at your peril. They control a huge portion of the narrative and public image of your company—and if you haven’t established the relationships and trust to tell your story, then they’re going to tell it for you.

Fortunately, there are journalists like Jason Kelly. Jason has spent almost 20 years reporting on business at Bloomberg in a variety of capacities, from New York Bureau Chief to his current role as Chief Correspondent for Bloomberg Quicktake, Bloomberg’s “Business Network for the New Generation.” He’s also authored two books, The New Tycoons on the rise of private equity, and Sweat Equity on the fitness economy. In his role, he’s been able to observe some giants of the industry, learn what makes businesses tick, and forge relationships with leaders across sectors.

We sat down to talk about Jason’s approach to business journalism, and his new pursuits at the nexus of business, sports, and culture. He’ll share his philosophy on asking tough questions, the benefits of longstanding relationships with the media, and why CEOs should depart more often from their talking points. So join us! Because in the arena, all news is good news.


  • What makes a great journalist (1:16)
  • How to publish things people don’t like (3:00)
  • The power of relationships (4:59)
  • Consumption changes in an on-demand world (10:42)
  • Quicktakes: The intersection of sports, business, and culture (13:20)
  • What Jason learned from The Last Dance (17:13)
  • Making representation possible through “Portrait” (20:50)
  • How writing a book let Jason engage with subjects in a different way (24:30)
  • The most interesting person Jason’s interviewed (26:57)
  • Jason’s observations on the business storylines going forward (28:46)
  • The world moves on fast from mistakes (34:23)
  • “In an era where you’re tempted to say less, say more” (35:49)


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