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ICR Industry Reports #4: Proptech, Real Estate, and Lodging with Brad Cohen, Managing Partner at ICR

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As a public company, building strong relationships with investors is vital. In a down market, the strength of those relationships relies more than ever on honest, reliable communication. No matter what’s happening in the market, your company always has a story to tell. Telling it genuinely builds trust, and your investors will thank you for it. 

Today’s guest is corporate communications expert and ICR Managing Partner, Brad Cohen. At ICR, Brad leads the PropTECH, Real Estate, and Lodging group, covering a broad range of industries. A former sell-side analyst and hedge fund manager, Brad has significant experience in investor relations and brings extensive knowledge of the strategic communications business to the table.

In this episode, Brad discusses the trends he is observing across different areas of his practice, what it takes for a company to make it to the public market in current conditions, and how he recommends managing relationships with investors during periods of market instability.


  • Brad’s path from hedge fund manager to ICR (02:13)
  • What areas of Brad’s practice are doing well in current market conditions? (04:13)
  • Brad describes the type of companies that are currently able to raise money and break into the public market (06:50)
  • Brad walks through how the construction sector is responding to challenges like supply chain issues and labor shortages (09:02)
  • Brad explains why now is the time for companies to set realistic expectations for their investment communities (11:20)
  • What are the benefits of holding investor days in a down market? (14:05)


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