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ICR Industry Reports #1: Consumer, Retail & Digital Commerce with Farah Soi, Partner at ICR

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This week is the first in a mini-series profiling some of ICR’s leading industry experts: ICR Industry Report. Alongside our usual content, this series will feature observations and analysis of what ICR’s leaders are seeing in the market and what trends they anticipate are coming up next in their verticals. These bite-size segments will be jam-packed with useful information to help you better understand the fields you’re playing in.

Our guest today is Farah Soi, Partner in ICR’s Consumer, Retail & Digital Commerce group. Since joining ICR in 2010, Farah has helped retailers and consumer goods companies – from emerging growth companies, to pre-IPOs, to established market leaders – with their investor relations efforts, leaning on many years of investor experience on the buyer side to inform her advice. Prior to ICR, Farah spent six years at the hedge fund Fine Capital Partners and was an associate vice president at Citigroup Asset Management.

In this episode, Tom Ryan speaks with Farah about trends she has observed as the market recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and rapidly developing geopolitical events; the qualities she sees in great CEOs; and how her clients are succeeding at telling their ESG stories.


  • Farah lays out the work experience that brought her to ICR (03:32)
  • Farah describes ICR’s Consumer, Retail & Digital Commerce group (06:03)
  • What are the biggest concerns facing Farah’s clients today, and how are they responding to inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, and supply chain issues? (07:48)
  • Farah’s take on what makes a great CEO (11:06)
  • How Farah’s clients are telling their ESG stories (13:46)
  • What Farah believes investors miss when reviewing the performances of companies in periods of dislocation (16:21)


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