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ICR Industry Reports #5: Technology Investor Relations with Greg McDowell, Partner at ICR

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Tech companies are having to work harder than ever to prove their resilience in an increasingly noisy market. For investors, the pandemic has highlighted the need for sustained growth and detailed future planning when choosing where to put their capital and communicating these avenues of value to investors needs to be a part of every company’s core strategy. 

Joining us on this episode of ICR Industry Reports is Partner Greg McDowell, Head of Technology Investor Relations. Greg has spent the last 25 years fully immersed in software, spending 10 years at Oracle as an Account Manager, then moving to JMP, an investment bank based in San Francisco. He’s seen the sector change over time – everything from the dot com crisis through the pandemic re-writing the tech rule book.

In this episode, we discuss the fluctuating nature of tech stocks, how investor requirements are changing, and how resistance, detailed forward planning and high-quality communication are all key to successful growth.


  • Greg talks about the work culture at Oracle (3:46)
  • Greg breaks down the work he does with tech clients at ICR (5:22)
  • Greg lays out the landscape of tech stocks and investor sentiment (8:22)
  • As a tech company, how do you prove the durability of your revenue growth to investors? (12:54)
  • Greg discusses the durability of software companies in a market dependent on them (14:49)
  • Greg talks about the importance of telling your story to investors (16:43)


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