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In Your Grill: A look at the innovative platform that’s changing the outdoor game with Russ Wheeler, BBQGuys

By ICR | Podcast

For many Americans, the idea of an outdoor kitchen—a place to relax with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors—is essential to their dream home. But it takes more than just buying a grill to make that a reality. Where other companies might have seen a customer base, BBQGuys saw a community of creative cooks, hosts, and homemakers who valued good food and better people. Led by new CEO Russ Wheeler, they’ve gone beyond just ecommerce, developing their own line of premium grill products, consultation services for renovation projects, and a professional market for contractors. Most importantly, they’ve created a community of like-minded people. With 148K subscribers on Youtube and endorsements from the Mannings, these guys know how to cultivate a following. To succeed in the retail game, you’ve got to go above and beyond, and while BBQGuys believe the product is important, they know the feeling that you create with that product is so much more powerful. BBQGuys’ primary goal is to create community, something that permeates everything they do. We sat down with the main man Russ Wheeler, to unpack why his company have been (and continue to be) successful. With Russ’ introduction, he and his team have modernized the grilling game and his knack for finding gaps in the market.

In this episode we speak about brand partnerships, expanding culture, addressable markets, and what it was like to join a new company in the midst of COVID. If one thing’s for certain, these guys have the grill game on lock and if you want to find out more stay right where you are…or maybe grab a plate first.


  • Intro to community surrounding BBQGuys (2:46)
  • How private equity actually attracted Russ to the company (5:01)
  • How BBQGuys are getting employee buy-in (7:10)
  • How BBQGuys found gaps in the market for their own brand (10:45)
  • Creating a professional customer base (12:43)
  • Defining the addressable market (15:30)
  • Creating a content platform (17:33)
  • How investors should read into acquisition costs (19:51)
  • Why Russ is excited about getting acquired by a SPAC, Velocity Acquisition Group (22:24)
  • Insight into senior team of the company (25:47)


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