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Fashion Forward: Leading the Fashion Industry into the Future with Sandra Campos, 3x CEO & Entrepreneur

By ICR | Podcast

The fashion industry is powered by the sometimes differing perspectives of artistic entrepreneurs and business executives. It takes an intuitive and bold business innovator to merge those visions, and lead brands into the future.

Today I’m sitting down with Sandra Campos, a board member, three time CEO and two-time entrepreneur and advisor. Throughout her career, she’s built global lifestyle brands, and she’s been instrumental in turnarounds, digital transformations, and innovative marketing campaigns, as well as international expansion as a technology-focused operator.

She’s the only independent board director at Fabric, a modular and headless commerce solution. She’s also a board member at Private Equity-backed Daniels Jewelers, and Big Lots.  Her retail career has included being CEO of Diane Von Furstenberg, president of a portfolio of billion dollar contemporary brands, including Juicy Couture, and Division President at Oscar de la Renta. As an entrepreneur, she created the first teen celebrity brand management company in partnership with fellow Latina, Selena Gomez. Together, they launched Gomez’s first lifestyle brand ‘Dream out Loud’.

Sandra is an advocate for Latinos, and recently launched Latina Disruptors, an event highlighting and honoring entrepreneurs. She has received numerous awards, including Top 100 Latina Leaders by Latina Magazine; ALP’S most powerful Latina 2020 to 2022; Top Women in Retail and 2019 Top Leaders in Business, by Hispanic Executive Magazine.


  • Upbringing and entrepreneurial background (2:53)
  • How Sandra was introduced to retail (4:50)
  • Sandra’s businesswoman mindset (7:14)
  • Her first CEO role (8:12)
  • Bringing together creative and business mindsets (9:46)
  • Recent transformation in the retail industry 12:23)
  • Sandra’s partnership with Selena Gomez (14:38)
  • Finding the right role in the fashion industry (17:35)
  • Working on a Board of Directors (18:45)
  • Sandra’s experience working in a male-dominated industry (22:47)
  • Her new role with Fabric (24:12)
  • Latina visibility in the workforce (27:27)


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