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Listing Day Public Relations: How to Present Your Company to the Public

By ICR | eBook

An IPO presents a significant branding opportunity for companies. When a company goes public, it essentially launches a new product: its stock. That product must be marketed and managed just like any other product.

That’s why communications around the IPO — leading up to and including listing day — are so important. Through these communications, your company can build relationships, elevate brand awareness, and present a consistent story to internal and external stakeholders.

However, the IPO communications process is closely regulated, so it’s critical to know how to navigate the process. In this eBook, we explore how to make the most of IPO listing day PR, so you can effectively present your company and the story behind it to the world. The eBook discusses:

  • The role of PR and communications in an IPO
  • Where listing day PR fits into the overall IPO timeline
  • Tips for successful media outreach and interview preparation

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