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Mastering a Market Niche One Property at a Time

By ICR | Podcast

Over the last few years, the wavering economy has presented problems for virtually every market. In  real estate, rising rates and inflation have challenged buyers and sellers alike. But while wading in those waters, today’s guest managed to find a silver lining in their unique investment field. 

We’re sitting down with Matt Fraser, a 20-year veteran of real estate, private equity, and corporate finance. He is the founder and CEO of Jones Street Investment Partners, a multi-family investor with more than 2 billion in assets under management. In this role, Matt is responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth, including fundraising, deal sourcing, and the growth of the Jones Street team.

Prior to forming Jones Street, Matt served as the VP of Investments and Capital Markets at Taymil Partners, a multi-family owner and operator active throughout New England. Before that, he was a VP at the private equity and venture arm of Fleet Bank, which became Bank of America. Matt received a BA in media studies with a concentration in philosophy, with honors and distinction from Penn State University.


  • Matt’s background in finance, and the road to founding Jones Street (2:39)
  • Jones Street’s humble beginnings and team development  (4:07)
  • Matt describes Jones Street’s strategic approach to their unique geographic locations (5:41)
  • The status of supply and demand in Northeast / Mid-Atlantic markets (7:02)
  • Cities that Jones Street are currently targeting in their specified markets (10:10)
  • Matt describes what makes multifamily real estate a unique asset class (11:48)
  • How Jones Street have positioned themselves for the upcoming wave of multifamily loan expiration (13:11) 
  • The team at Jones Street (16:01)
  • Where Jones Street fit in the market of multifamily real estate, and field competition (17:35)
  • Future growth and current trajectory (19:23)
  • How Matt approaches other opportunities outside of the multifamily market niche (21:03)
  • Matt’s advice to those interested in investing in multifamily properties (23:24)
  • How Matt maintains his prudent focus in the market (25:27)
  • Jones Street’s outlook for the next 10 years (26:30)



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