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Mastering the Market: Sound Advice in Uncertain Times with Tom Schadewald, Baird

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After a couple of turbulent years, there are still a lot of unknowns in the market. But today’s guest is sharing his insights based on a wealth of experience,  grounded in his firm’s excellent reputation.

Today we’re sitting down with Tom Schadewald, who is a Managing Director working on Baird’s Equity Capital Markets Team. Tom is focused on technology and on the technology and services sectors. He joined Baird in 2022 from UBS, where he was a Director in their equity capital markets group responsible for, among other things, growing out the firm’s SPAC in capital markets advisory businesses.

Tom started his career at Deutsche Bank in the Equity Capital Markets Group, focused on financial institutions and permanent capital. He brings a decade of experience and investment banking across both equity capital markets and corporate finance advisory, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard.


  • Tom’s background and how the Baird opportunity came to him (2:23)
  • All about Baird, and the value of being employee-owned (3:56)
  • How Tom got into focusing on technology services (7:11)
  • Tom discusses the performance of tech stocks in the past few years (8:24)
  • Tom’s playbook for positive market performance (10:01)
  • Commonalities with companies that are lagging (11:46)
  • Indicators that are most impactful for tech stocks today (13:04)
  • Bull or bear? What’s in store for the rest of 2023 (14:45)
  • The capital market sentiment today for tech companies (16:33)
  • The increase in demand for IPO’s (21:55)
  • Tom’s position on where the IPO window is (24:39)
  • When to prepare for going public (25:09)
  • How the election might effect things (26:27)
  • Tom talks about his mentors and the best advice he’s gotten (27:31)


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