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Navigating Complex Capital Markets with Advisory Expertise

By ICR | Podcast

In the current macro environment with growing inflation and financial uncertainty, it’s no wonder companies are actively seeking alternative solutions to safeguard their businesses. But today’s guest is more than just an alternative; he’s a game-changer for his clients, helping them maximize their financial outcomes.

Today we’re sitting down with Raj Imteaz, who serves as the Head of ICR Capital’s Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory Team, where he focuses on complex capital markets transactions across all industry verticals. Raj advises boards and management teams on structuring and executing convertible debt transactions, convertible preferred and mandatory offerings, structured share repurchases, cap calls and call spreads, hedging and monetization strategies, and warrant management solutions.

Raj joined ICR Capital from Matthew South, where he was the Head of Technology origination, advising clients on multiple convertible and equity derivatives transactions. Previously, Raj spent 15 years at Barclays, where he was a Managing Director in the equity-linked and hybrid solutions team and led the origination efforts across several sectors.

During his career, Raj has advised on and executed more than 200 convertible and equity derivative transactions, totaling over a hundred billion dollars of deal value.


  • Raj gives us an overview of the current economic environment (3:38)
  • What a convertible is and the role of advisors (6:01)
  • How advisors can save businesses time and money (8:18)
  • What makes Raj’s team of advisors unique(10:10)
  • Raj describes some of his team’s stand-out deals (13:43)


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