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Grabbing a Byte: Innovation, digitalization and experience in the new age fast-food industry with Katherine Fogertey, Shake Shack

By ICR | Podcast

You’re probably thinking, “How innovative can fast food be?” Well, allow us to introduce you to Shake Shack. With an influx of new technological features, digital channels, and top-quality customer service, Shake Shack is on the cutting edge of how a restaurant delivers value. Through personalized experiences and enlightened hospitality, CFO Katherine Fogertey and her team have a vision to expand beyond the ordinary for fast food.

Through COVID, Shake Shack has expanded its digital channels, providing a service that’s both accessible and convenient. And with 350 diverse locations worldwide, Katherine and the company have experience with all sorts of footprints. Whether it’s small or large dining, walk-up or collect options, they’ve done their research and they know what works.

But Shake Shack isn’t content to sit back. On this episode, we’re talking about the future of fast food—how Shake Shack is innovating with their menu, their real estate, and their employees. Katherine Fogertey is leading the charge, and she’ll take us through how the Shack is shaking things up.


  • Learning within the fast-food industry (4:36) 
  • Digital transformation of the company (5:46) 
  • Enlightened hospitality and commitment to service (6:54) 
  • Creating a stellar experience for the customer (8:22) 
  • Importance of digital channels (10:02) 
  • How the company values its people, both customers and employees (15:45) 
  • Menu innovation (18:51) 
  • Cold-beverage innovation (21:22) 
  • Logistics of company balance sheets (23:15) 
  • Intention of digital ecosystem regarding promotions and user engagement (24:03) 


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