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Scaling the Media Industry’s Fast-Paced Climb

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When it comes to climbing the ladder in any industry, being willing to try new things and seize opportunities is your fastest track to growth. Our guest today has built her impressive career and carved out her place in the industry by doing just that.

Today we’re sitting down with Morgan Brennan, who Co-anchors CNBC’s Closing Bell Overtime, which broadcasts live from CNBC’s global headquarters in Inglewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Previously, she was co-anchor of the 10 a.m. hour on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. and Co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Alley.

Morgan joined the network in December 2013, as a general assignment reporter and continues to cover a variety of sectors including manufacturing, defense, and space among others. She’s also the host of the CNBC podcast, Manifest Space.

Prior to joining CNBC, Morgan was a staff writer and reporter for Forbes Media where she reported for Forbes Magazine, Forbes Life magazine, and Forbes. com. She began her career at Forbes in 2009, holding several positions, including anchor reporter and producer for the Forbes video network, covering a wide variety of business and finance topics. Morgan has interviewed billionaires, and heads of state, thought leaders, and chief executives of multi-billion dollar corporations. Her profile story on Equity Group Investments’ Chairman, Sam Zell was one of five magazine covers featured on the 2013 Forbes 400 issue. She’s also a board member of the nonprofit, City Year New York.

Morgan graduated summa cum laude from New York University, majoring in Social Science with a double concentration in Anthropology and Media Studies.


  • Morgan describes her journey from entertainment to journalism (4:02)
  • Morgan’s first on-air role (8:50)
  • How the service industry prepared Morgan for her media roles (10:44)
  • Morgan walks us through her trajectory at CNBC (12:14)
  • How Morgan got comfortable with live broadcasting (13:29)
  • The biggest challenges in TV and fast-paced media industries (14:49)
  • Morgan’s favorite part of her work (17:05)
  • Morgan talks about her podcast ‘Manifest Space’ (17:49)
  • Morgan’s all-time favorite interview (20:03)
  • How Morgan learned to conduct interviews and her personal approach to them (21:02)
  • How CEOs and business owners should approach media and interviews (22:35)
  • Morgan explains how she balances and manages her work schedule with home life (27:30)


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