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How to Strategically Mitigate and Manage Market Volatility

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Mitigating risk has never been more challenging, but today’s guest leans on smart data technology, a great relationship with his clients, and over 20 years of working with his very successful firm.

We’re excited to sit down today with Amol Dharkalkar, who is Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Chatham Financial. He is the Global Head of Chatham’s corporate sector and brings over 20 years of experience in derivatives capital markets expertise to the treasury and accounting functions that support client strategies and operations.

Amol created the corporate sector at Chatham in 2010. He’s advised some of the largest corporations in the world in the development, execution, and ongoing management of hedging programs across interest rates, currency, and commodities. Amol has also advised both public and private companies across all industries, including real estate, private equity, telecom, technology, industrials, and healthcare, just to name a few.

Amol graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in both chemical engineering and economics and received his MBA from Wharton at U Penn, where he was a Palmer Scholar.


  • Amol gives us an overview of Chatham and their work’s focus (2:54)
  • Chatham’s senior team and work culture (4:32)
  • Amol describes Chatham’s clientele and target audience (6:14)
  • Amol tells us about one of the most complex cases Chatham has managed (8:15)
  • What success means to Amol as a consultant (10:09)
  • Amol’s outlook on the current economic market and the future of interest rates (11:06)
  • Risk mitigation in business and how to plan for interference (13:43)
  • How Chatham has adopted and adapted technology into their work (15:15)
  • How Amol and his team stay up to date on market developments (18:12)
  • Amol says more about Chatham’s recent EA market acquisition and partnerships (19:00)
  • Chatham’s recent report on the state of financial risk management (20:40)
  • How companies continue to be successful in the changing economic climate (23:19)
  • Amol’s thoughts on M&A, and advice for potential clients (25:19)
  • The current election season’s potential effects on businesses (27:22)
  • Amol talks about fluctuating currency valuations and its impact on clients (29:54)
  • Future goals and plans for Chatham (31:40)



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