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Showcasing the Struggles and Successes Throughout the Entrepreneurial Journey

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Introducing a new product into the extremely competitive snack market is not for the faint of heart. To succeed, you need more than a unique product; you need energy, creativity, and a bold approach. Today’s guest has all that in spades.

We’re sitting down with Jake Karls, who is the first to admit that he’s a different kind of business leader, unapologetically authentic, refreshingly relatable, and completely free of bullshit.

Jake is the Co-Founder and Chief Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares, the good-for-you chocolate brand that turned a kitchen table dream into a global household name.

Mid-Day Squares is leading the disruption of an extremely competitive vertical with a winning team, innovative marketing and a fearless spirit. Jake is recognized as a rising star in the business world, was a finalist for Ian Wise Entrepreneur of the Year Award, was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 List for food and beverage, and has featured as a regular contributor to media outlets across North America.

He has also nicknamed the ICR conference The House of Capital, and we love him for that. He’s officially a “FOICR” which stands for Friend of ICR.


  • Jake discusses his path into the business sector (4:02)
  • Jake and Tom talk about their favorite Shark on Shark Tank (6:46)
  • Jake talks about failure, finding work purpose, and skillsets (7:52)
  • Finding your niche in a competitive market, and mid-day squares’ social media approach to branding, and (10:33)
  • Building a brand with emotional connection, and modernized marketing (12:10)
  • Mid-day squares conception and the idea behind the product (14:26)
  • Jake and the team’s experience with manufacturing and building their own facility (16:20)
  • Best selling products (19:00)
  • Mid-Day Squares retail connections and their proudest deal (19:54)
  • Refrigerated snacking, and how Mid-Day Squares target their audiences (21:16)
  • How the team balances retail and direct channels (23:03)
  • Goal and mission of Mid-Day Squares (24:15)
  • Jake explains the complexity and challenges in the CGP (consumer packaged goods) industry (25:35)
  • Jake gets honest about building your own business (26:36)
  • Ideas for near-future product extensions at Mid-Day Squares (28:17)
  • How much capital Mid-Day has raised for growth and development (29:32)


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