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Industry Makeover: The Technological Transformation of Beauty Brands with Louis Chen, Perfect Corp

By ICR | Podcast

AI and AR technologies are rapidly becoming stable stakes for any retail experience, and today’s guest is leading the way there. On this episode, we’re talking to Louis Chen, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp is an AI and AR-powered beauty tech solutions provider, and Louis leads the company’s corporate development, strategic partnerships, and marketing efforts. He joined Perfect when it was established back in June of 2015, starting as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.  Prior to that, Louis spent 12 years at Cyber Link where he served as VP of Business Development and Marketing, heading Consumer Business.

Louis holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in computer science from National Taiwan University. He joined me from his office in Taipei to tell us about Perfect Corp’s groundbreaking technology, and how it’s transforming the beauty industry.


  • Louis explains how Perfect came about (2:08)
  • The total addressable market for this technology (5:02)
  • The multi-channel approach for the product (5:48)
  • How Perfect fits in with the ESG goals of their customers (8:29)
  • The ROI for the customer (10:33)
  • Perfect’s go-to-market strategy (13:07)
  • Louis discusses the geographic footprint of the company (15:30)
  • Growth potentials for this technology (16:54)
  • The adjacencies for the technology down the road (19:01)
  • The company’s financial performance (21:05)
  • Perfect’s approach to allocating capital (23:08)
  • The company’s strategy on acquisitions (24:33)
  • Louis’ observations on consumer behavior in this space (25:29)
  • What investors might not understand about the company (26:46)
  • Louis talks about the importance of the company founder’s insight (29:01)
  • Perfect’s management team (29:29)


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