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Opportunity Knocks: Finding Unexpected Real Estate Opportunities with Nitin Chexal, Palladius Capital Management

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Sometimes, acquisitions that seem risky are actually just really smart. And in real estate, if you have a strong handle on research and trends, those moves can keep getting smarter.

Our guest this week is Nitin Chexal. Nitin is the CEO of Palladius Capital Management where he oversees all aspects of the firm, including leading a team of investment and asset management professionals focused on real estate equity and debt investments across the US. 

Previously, Nitin was a partner and Managing Director at Nimes Real Estate, and before that he was VP of Corporate and Business Development at Counsyl.  Nitin got his Bachelor’s degree at UCLA, and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Nitin and Tom talked about how Palladius’ bold approach to acquisitions helped establish the company, and where real estate trends will take them in the next few years.


  • Nitin explains Palladius’ approach, interests, and how they scaled so rapidly (2:32)
  • How Palladius starting point was different than other firms (5:42)
  • What being “tactically contrarian” means and how it gives Palladius an edge (7:24)
  • Palladius’ tactically contrarian approach to Austin, Houston and Chicago (8:05)
  • Nitin explains Palladius’ focus on shallow bay assets (15:08)
  • The “hotel-ification” of multi-family rentals (18:35)
  • How technology is being incorporated into Palladius’ portfolio and operations (20:31)
  • Nitin discusses about Palladius’ debt platform (22:40)
  • Palladius’ approach to democratizing real estate (24:47)
  • Nitin talks about starting Palladius during COVID, and what he sees for its future (25:55)


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