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The Wisdom of the Deal: Learning from 4 Decades on Wall Street with Gregg Nabhan, Bank of America

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It’s always a pleasure to speak to a grizzled veteran who has decades of experience leading hundreds of deals that have raised billions of dollars.

Here to share that wisdom on this episode is Gregg Nabhan, Chairman of the America’s Equity Capital Markets, as well as Managing Director of the Consumer and Retail team at Bank of America. Gregg is responsible for the origination, IPO valuation, structuring, book-building, price discovery allocation trading, and aftermarket performance of equity transactions. 

Gregg has almost 40 years of experience on Wall Street. He’s led over 400 deals, raising over 265 billion for companies around the world, including 115 IPOs totaling 50 billion. 

Prior to joining Bank of America in 2008, Gregg worked at Morgan Stanley for 13 years where he was a Managing Director in the equity capital markets. He has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. 

Gregg and Tom talked about the past 4 decades of economic twists and turns, some of his career highlights and what he sees coming around the bend.


  • Gregg talks about his start at Bank of America (2:28)
  • The IPO resources that B of A offers (4:24)
  • Gregg’s perspective on the last 3 years of market activity (5:14)
  • The Fed’s inflation strategy (8:45)
  • The number of IPOs now, compared with the past 15 years (10:10)
  • Industries that are favoured to open the IPO market (11:27)
  • Gregg discusses the valuation reset (12:50)
  • The things that strong performing companies have in common (14:52)
  • What the Fed needs to see to change their stance on interest rates (16:43)
  • Gregg’s take on the state of the consumer (19:19)
  • Gregg tells about some of his favorite deals over the years (20:11)
  • The biggest challenges for management teams going through an IPO (21:48)
  • Gregg’s take on ESG (24:00)
  • Will IPO Road Shows remain virtual, post-COVID? (25:27)
  • Gregg talks about the huge value of his mentors over the years (26:39) 


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