Projecting a pathway to profitability.

Digital Media & Internet

The once clean lines that separated “internet” and “analog” companies have blurred, yielding a landscape crowded with multiple business models, all operating under the Internet banner.

While the Internet mega-caps rely on advertising, marketplace or e-commerce models, subscription offerings are also booming. Internet-delivered business and consumer services continue to multiply. And within the digital entertainment realm, multi-player offerings have gone massively global, delivering immersive cross-hemisphere virtual gaming in real-time.

In this high-risk/high-reward sector, Internet companies need to clearly communicate their complex technology while defining a pathway to profitability and scalability for investors and influencers. As the only firm to combine senior level sell-side and industry analyst experience covering the Internet sector, with senior management experience in advertising-driven Internet and media companies, ICR is uniquely qualified to serve as your strategic communications partner.

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