Does Your Social Media Strategy Need an Overhaul?

By Holly Fuller

Given the unexpected twists and turns of 2020, your company’s social media strategy may need a slight facelift or complete overhaul to stay relevant to your audience. With that in mind, ICR’s social media team recently attended Sprout Social’s virtual summit that focused on strategies for building a 2021 brand roadmap. Speakers included executives from companies like Peloton, Univision, NAACP, Squarespace, HangarFour, and many more.

Here are some of the tips and predictions they shared:

Given this rapidly changing environment, shift from a monthly content plan to a weekly or even daily schedule tied to the current news cycle. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that there are a lot of things we can’t plan for. Being nimble has been key since March, and will only continue into next year as companies and partner agencies change their processes to include more efficient content approvals, regular social listening, and additional resources to address content creation needs.

Being quiet every now and again is okay. Not every social issue is an open brief. Carefully consider your company’s contribution to the conversation and/or cause, and then take the time to formulate a thoughtful response. If that means taking more time to join social conversation, that is fine. Quality over quantity is key.

Figure out who you are. This sounds like an existential challenge, and in some ways, it is. Defining your thesis and what you are working to accomplish can help you better understand what your social media content should focus on, what platforms you should be using, and what audiences to target. Your content plan should ladder up to this thesis.

Use social media data to better understand your audience and create your 2021 marketing plan. People across sections of society are adjusting to a new normal and spending a lot more time on social media. As marketers, this is an optimal time to use available tools (like Sprout Social) to study social media data, including engagement, audience behaviors (e.g., what things they like, what they are concerned about, how they want to connect), what competitors are doing, activity peaks, etc., and then use that data to draw insights that inform your content plan.

Don’t be afraid to do a full overhaul. Is what you used to do still relevant, or do you need to switch it up? This year, we saw experiential content take a hit with fewer public events, the daily news cycle speed up exponentially, and brands temporarily pause their social media advertising. With this, marketers have had to adapt their content strategies, including topics, tone of voice, posting schedule and post copy/creative to reflect the changes. As these changes happen, take time to evaluate everything you’re doing on social media and change it as needed.

“Social is a data set of real time conversations that can be leveraged across all aspects of business.” — Leslie Pinckney, Omnicom Experiential Group. We have unfettered access to how people think, how they behave, and their tics. Through social media data we can find quick answers that help address business challenges. To the extent that companies are already doing extensive traditional research, social media insights can help to provide continuity between the studies.

In 2021, we can expect more CGI-created social media influencers. While brands navigate the challenges of securing real people to participate in campaigns given social distance guidelines, computer-generated influencers have generated significant traction over the last two years, and they are beginning to replace real people. This is expected to grow next year, particularly in the experiential marketing world.

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