Marc Griffin

Senior Vice President

Marc Griffin brings over 15 years of capital markets expertise to his role as Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, with a specialized focus on complex technology sectors. His deep understanding of the intricacies involved in articulating sophisticated investment narratives makes him an invaluable asset to companies that defy easy classification.

Throughout his distinguished career, Marc has played a pivotal role as a senior advisor to a diverse array of public and private technology companies. He has skillfully navigated numerous communication challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions, strategic equity announcements, secondary offerings, executive transitions, analyst days, activist shareholders, and other high-stakes or exceptional corporate situations. His expertise extends to advising on more than a dozen SPACs and IPOs, reinforcing his comprehensive grasp of the technology landscape.

Marc’s professional journey began in equity research, where he covered infrastructure software, security, and ASIC sectors for prestigious firms such as JPMorgan, Thomas Weisel (now Stifel), and Susquehanna, before moving into banking with Triangle Capital. This foundation allowed him to develop a nuanced understanding of financial markets, which he leverages to enhance investor relations strategies.

He holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BS in Finance from Northeastern University. Marc’s robust educational background and extensive field experience equip him to effectively lead and innovate in the dynamic world of investor relations.