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Take it from a Talk Show Host: Building a Brand From the Bottom Up with Brian Kelsey, Host of Ten Minutes With

By ICR | Podcast

Before there was Apple, or Amazon, or Disney, or Google, there was a person with an idea, who was willing to put in the work to see that idea come to life. Across industries, there are common lessons to be learned from the stories of the entrepreneurial-minded people who have built successful brands from the bottom up.

One such person is my guest today, Brian Kelsey, a 25-year veteran of the television, radio, and voiceover industries. He’s been a radio host on some legendary stations, has worked on The Howard Stern Show, and on Martha Stewart Living Radio, and has made appearances on Martha’s TV show along with The Today Show, HGTV, FOX, and more. Most recently, Brian started a quirky celebrity talk show he began hosting out of his garage in 2019, called Ten Minutes With.

In this episode, we learn about the development of Ten Minutes With, and dig into the similarities between what goes into building a talk show in your garage, and what goes into building any other brand or business.


  • Brian answers some icebreaker questions (01:26)
  • Brian describes his industry experience (06:10)
  • Brian explains how he got started on Ten Minutes With (10:19)
  • Brian walks us through the structure of Ten Minutes With, including the special segments he does on the show (16:11)
  • Brian describes what makes a great interview (19:34)
  • Notable rejection letter Brian has received from potential guests (22:13)
  • Ten Minutes With’s social media and distribution strategy (24:05)
  • Brian outlines his goals for the show, and what fans can expect to see next (26:01)
  • Wrap Up (26:51)


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