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Revolutionizing Health and Safety in Hospitality

By ICR | Podcast

In an industry booming with customer-focused innovations, it’s crucial not to overlook the backbone of an enterprise. Today’s guest created a groundbreaking technology that prioritizes health and safety for both customers and in-house staff, that is a critical asset for hospitality businesses as a whole.

We’re sitting down with Christine Schindler, who is CEO and co-founder of PathSpot, a technology company dedicated to protecting businesses and their customers from the threat of food borne illnesses and outbreaks.

An engineer and entrepreneur who is passionate about utilizing technology to overcome gaps in healthcare, Christine invented PathSpot’s hand scanner in 2017, following a transformative educational trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. The scanner instantly detects carriers of harmful contamination commonly spread through poor handwashing. PathSpot has now broadened its safety suite to include a comprehensive range of back-of-the-house digital health and safety tools that track temperature, expiration, and more. 

Christine has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Global Health from Duke University. Prior to founding PathSpot, she assisted with biomedical research for Engineering World Health at Mount Kilimanjaro, and spent two years on the innovation and M&A team at Cigna. 

In addition to PathSpot, Christine is Founder and CEO at Girls Engineering Change, a non-profit focused on increasing female representation in STEM. She was also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2021 and Hospitality Technology’s Top Women in Restaurant Technology in 2023.


  • Christine’s background in healthcare and public health (2:56)
  • Christine describes the entrepreneurial influence in her work (4:08)
  • The backstory behind PathSpot’s hand scanner technology (5:03)
  • How the hand scanner technology works (6:50)
  • How PathSpot found and targeted their audience (8:09)
  • Brands that PathSpot works with (8:54)
  • Christine describes PathSpot’s safety suite and data platform (10:09) 
  • The pandemic’s affect on PathSpot’s newly-founded business (11:49)
  • PathSpot’s economic model (13:02)
  • How PathSpot’s uses their data bank as an ROI feature for businesses (14:05)
  • Christine explains the data PathSpot technology detects, and how businesses can utilize it (15:48)
  • How PathSpot maintain legal regulation and brand compliance(18:56)
  • PathSpot’s areas of focus for the new year (20:07)
  • Christine’s perspective on health and safety conditions in society (21:02)
  • PathSpot’s goals and trajectory over the next 10 years (21:42)


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